Podcast #4: Nick Makes A Grave Mistake

Nick and Andrew discuss AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON’s first look at Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Ultron. Nick gets a little politically incorrect, while the pair learns they don’t know the difference between Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds.


Podcast #3 – Kevin James: Great Actor or Greatest Actor?

Nick and Andrew compare the careers of Kevin James, Ryan Gosling, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Nick can’t help but reference KEY AND PEELE, Pete Holmes, SHERLOCK, and ATTACK ON TITAN… again. Geekiness ensues. 

Podcast #2 – IN THE WAKE

Nick and Andrew discuss Tom Selleck’s moustache, the new Batman/Superman movie with Batfleck, SHERLOCK Series 3, and the incredible graphic novel THE WAKE. Among other geeky references and knowledge.

8 Impressions I Wish I Could Do (A List!)

Impressions are fun. But the only one I can do is Christian Bales’ Batman.

It requires yelling, but I nailed “WHERE IS HARVEY DENT?!?” and other great quotes like “Swear to Me!,”  “I’m not wearing hockey pads!,”RACHEL!” and “I’m not the hero this city deserves, but I’m the hero Gotham needs.”Pete Holmes as Batman

I learned the voice and the face (gotta have big lips protruding) from Pete Holmes’ Badman skits where he nails the Batman impression.

I realize the last one is a Commissioner Gordon played by the incredible actor, Gary Oldman. But it works with the rough Batman voice.

And then, everyone can do Borat and Daniel Plainview.Borat

I’m also not terrible at Tom Hardy’s Bane impression. “I wondered what would break first… your soul… or your body!”

Anyway… I’m not writing to tell you what impression I can do, rather the 5 impressions I wish I could do.

A word of warning, it would be great to do a Christopher Walken impression, but that impression is so overused by comedians, so I have left it off the list.

It’s also a countdown. From my 8th favorite impression to my most favorite.

9. Arnold Schwarenegger

8. Heath Ledger’s Joker

Pete Holmes does Batman AND the Joker! He’s a great impressionist! Though he never uses it in his stand up.

Pete Holmes does the joker (at the end) AND the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Jay Mohr. Mohr has a few great impressions himself (including someone who will show up later on the list).  Continue reading “8 Impressions I Wish I Could Do (A List!)”

Pete Holmes Gets Geeks: STREET FIGHTER Edition

Pete Holmes is there for all of us. All of us geeks.

He has his Badman sketches, his Ex-Men skits, and now a STREET FIGHTER 2 parody.  After all, has anyone in my age group not played STREET FIGHTER 2: TURBO?

Of course not.

Pete Holmes does have “All the Games.”

Check out Pete Holmes’ conversation with Ryu after the jump!

True geekiness ahead!

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This Week With Pete! Xavier Makes Rogue an ‘Ex-Men’

Though only 2 episodes in… this week.. so far… THE PETE HOLMES SHOW has already aired multiple sketches worth sharing with you, my geek friends. As well as an interview with the master podcaster whose podcast inspired Pete’s, YOU MADE IT WEIRD.

I recommend watching Tuesday’s entire episode, where Pete fires Rogue, gets taught by a pastor to surf, and interviews Marc Maron.

If you’d rather pick and choose… then… you’re welcome!

First Pete Holmes returns as Xavier to fire the X-Men, Rogue.

“And I wish I could walk!”

If for some reason you have missed the other downsizing from X-Men to Ex-Men, click the corresponding links below.






Pete Holmes also played the joker... once. I could use more of that, Petey Pants.
Pete Holmes also played the joker… once. I could use more of that, Petey Pants.

Pete has mentioned on his podcast, that perhaps he has done too many Batman sketches. I think it’s time to give Xavier a rest… but only if Batman returns! (Tim Burton need not apply.)

Pete also got to talk to the man whose podcast has inspired him the most, King of the Podcasters, Marc Maron.
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Pete Holmes Does ZELDA Fans A Favor

On THE PETE HOLMES SHOW, comedian Pete Holmes has a segment called “All the Games.”

On Part 3, Pete does every LEGEND OF ZELDA fan a solid by setting the record straight.

“You’re welcome everyone dressing up as Link at Comic-Con.”

Thank you, Pete Holmes, for letting everyone know that the hero of my favorite franchise is not named Zelda.


Check out ‘All the Games” Part 1 & 2 after the jump!

Bonus Videos! The two Ex-Men videos I did not include in my Top 6 Favorite sketches from THE PETE HOLMES SHOW. Continue reading “Pete Holmes Does ZELDA Fans A Favor”

The 6 Best Sketches From THE PETE HOLMES SHOW

As of Saturday, November 30th 2013, the following are the cream of the crop sketches from the first few weeks of THE PETE,, HOLMES SHOW.

Pete Holmes PosterThose sketches I’ve already written about, because they were released first online, are not qualified for the following list. Because we’ve already covered those a month ago.

I will provide those links here, so that you can refresh yourself on the amazing sketches released before Pete Holmes’ show began…

WATCH GOOD WILL HUNTING WITH BATFLECK – Following the news that Ben Affleck is our new Batman, Pete Holmes quickly put his undeniable Batman impression to use.

WATCH PETE HOLMES FIRES WOLVERINE – What good is a hero with metal bones to a team whose nemesis can control metal?

WATCH BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN – What use is Batman to a god-like being: Superman? Is it an image thing?


Now, without further ado, the five best sketches of THE PETE HOLMES SHOW RUN (through November 30th, 2013)!


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Ex-Men: Professor X (Pete Holmes) Fires Gambit

The superhero shorts from Pete Holmes just don’t stop!

With The Pete Holmes Show premiering next Monday, at midnight, on TBS, another sketch from the show has hit the net, landing at Entertainment Weekly.

After firing Wolverine because a character with a metal spine is useless against arch-nemesis Magneto, it’s time for Professor Xavier to go down the X-Men roster to fire the next useless mutant.

Check out the video after the jump!

Pete Holmes returns as Professor X.
Pete Holmes returns as Professor X.

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BATMAN is Not the Partner Superman Deserves… And Batman Knows It

Pete Holmes!
Pete Holmes!

Pete Holmes!

Pete Holmes! Pete Holmes! Pete Holmes!

Pete Holmes has just made BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, and it’s only 5 minutes long. Yet it says everything the movie needs to say.

You may have seen my other posts about Pete Holmes and his amazing, can’t be touched BADMAN videos, including his recent take on GOOD WILL HUNTING starring Batfleck. He even got to fire Wolverine this week!

But, with the budget of College Humor and ‘The Pete Holmes Show,‘ Mr. Holmes may have made his best BADMAN video yet.

'Ex-Men: Wolverine' from THE PETE HOLMES SHOW
‘Ex-Men: Wolverine’ from THE PETE HOLMES SHOW

And it involves his new friend Superman, in anticipation of Warner Bros. feeble attempt to unseat THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON as 2015’s #1 movie in the world.

Check out the amazing sketch, BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, starring Pete Holmes as Batman, after the jump.

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Pete Holmes Fires WOLVERINE and Tackles BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Pete Holmes.

Again, I come to you, bringing tidings of Pete Holmes, who will soon have his own show, THE PETE HOLMES SHOW, premiering on Monday, October 28th, on TBS (a channel that really doesn’t know funny at all… yet).

Batman Vs. SupermanI am not paid to promote Pete Holmes (any accusations would be ridiculous for a website with such low readership); I am just a giant fan, both of his BADMAN videos and his excellent Podcast that puts Marc Maron’s WTF to shame, YOU MADE IT WEIRD WITH PETE HOLMES. His E*Trade baby ain’t too terrible either.

While ramping up for the impending premiere of his show, Pete Holmes has put up two hilarious sketches, both from the comic universe; taking pot shots at Marvel and DC.

First, Pete Holmes returns as Batman in his ‘Teaser’ for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN.

A video I wished to embed here, but doesn’t seem to work… in any browser. So CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

Not his best appearance as Batman (see GOOD WILL HUNTING with Batfleck), but still, not bad. I really do owe my own impression of Christian Bale’s Batman to the one, the only, Pete Holmes!

His greater sketch of late, has to do with a metal Marvel hero with a love of the expression, ‘Bub.’

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Good Will Hunting with Batfleck

Pete HolmesPete Holmes.

You may not know his name now, but you will.

This month (Oct-o-ber) on the 28th, at midnight,  THE PETE HOLMES SHOW premieres after whatever-Conan-O’Brien’s-show is called.

He is also a wonderful comedian, a great podcaster, the voice of the E*Trade baby, and the best Batman impersonator on the interwebs. Simply put, one of the greatest talents working today.

His latest feat, a parody of GOOD WILL HUNTING… if Ben Affleck were Batman in the academy award winning film.

Pete Holmes is BADMAN!
Pete Holmes is BADMAN!

I assure you, this makes sense. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Ben Affleck will portray the Dark Knight in 2015’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. It’s simply Batfleck!

Check out the hilarious video after the jump! (Meaning, CLICK CONTINUE READING!)

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