BATMAN is Not the Partner Superman Deserves… And Batman Knows It

Pete Holmes!

Pete Holmes!

Pete Holmes! Pete Holmes! Pete Holmes! Pete Holmes! Pete Holmes has just made BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, and it's only 5 minutes long. Yet it says everything the movie needs to say. You may have seen my other posts about Pete Holmes and his amazing, can't be touched BADMAN videos, including his recent take on GOOD WILL HUNTING starring Batfleck. He even got to fire Wolverine this week! But, with the budget of College Humor and 'The Pete Holmes Show,' Mr. Holmes may have made his best BADMAN video yet.
'Ex-Men: Wolverine' from THE PETE HOLMES SHOW

'Ex-Men: Wolverine' from THE PETE HOLMES SHOW

And it involves his new friend Superman, in anticipation of Warner Bros. feeble attempt to unseat THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON as 2015's #1 movie in the world. Check out the amazing sketch, BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, starring Pete Holmes as Batman, after the jump.

This has always bothered me with JUSTICE LEAGUE and even MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS. Is there really room for powerless Hawkeye and Black Widow amongst a team of superhumans and a god?

What could Batman possibly bring to the table, besides his ‘greatest detective’ brains when teaming up with the nearly immortal Superman?

And who the fuck can’t tell Clark Kent is Superman?

Pete Holmes answers all these questions… and more!

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