Pete Holmes Does ZELDA Fans A Favor

On THE PETE HOLMES SHOW, comedian Pete Holmes has a segment called "All the Games." On Part 3, Pete does every LEGEND OF ZELDA fan a solid by setting the record straight. "You're welcome everyone dressing up as Link at Comic-Con." Thank you, Pete Holmes, for letting everyone know that the hero of my favorite franchise is not named Zelda.   Check out 'All the Games" Part 1 & 2 after the jump! Bonus Videos! The two Ex-Men videos I did not include in my Top 6 Favorite sketches from THE PETE HOLMES SHOW.

All The Games Part 1


All The Games Part 2


Ex-Men: Angel


Ex-Men: Iceman – Iceman is played by the wonderful comedian Zach Cregger from THE WHITEST KIDS YOU KNOW and MISS MARCH.

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