Pete Holmes Does ZELDA Fans A Favor

On THE PETE HOLMES SHOW, comedian Pete Holmes has a segment called “All the Games.”

On Part 3, Pete does every LEGEND OF ZELDA fan a solid by setting the record straight.

“You’re welcome everyone dressing up as Link at Comic-Con.”

Thank you, Pete Holmes, for letting everyone know that the hero of my favorite franchise is not named Zelda.


Check out ‘All the Games” Part 1 & 2 after the jump!

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Falling Back Into Gaming PART 1: A Gamer’s History

Falling into Gaming a la Don DraperI was once a hardcore gamer.

As I grew up, I slowed and then all but stopped gaming during my ‘college through early adult’ years. But for my generation, gaming isn’t a kids’ business, just as comic books and graphic novels are for adults too (often too graphic, no pun intended, for lil’ kiddos).

So, in this, the year 2013, I finally fell back into gaming.

The years when I was most into gaming initially, those were called the “Elementary School through Highschool years.” Continue reading “Falling Back Into Gaming PART 1: A Gamer’s History”