Good Will Hunting with Batfleck

Pete HolmesPete Holmes.

You may not know his name now, but you will.

This month (Oct-o-ber) on the 28th, at midnight,  THE PETE HOLMES SHOW premieres after whatever-Conan-O’Brien’s-show is called.

He is also a wonderful comedian, a great podcaster, the voice of the E*Trade baby, and the best Batman impersonator on the interwebs. Simply put, one of the greatest talents working today.

His latest feat, a parody of GOOD WILL HUNTING… if Ben Affleck were Batman in the academy award winning film.

Pete Holmes is BADMAN!
Pete Holmes is BADMAN!

I assure you, this makes sense. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Ben Affleck will portray the Dark Knight in 2015’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. It’s simply Batfleck!

Check out the hilarious video after the jump! (Meaning, CLICK CONTINUE READING!)

You can also check out all Pete Holmes’ turns as the caped crusader at College Humor.

I’ve been told I do a pretty decent Christian Bale as Batman impression, but I owe it all to copying Pete Holmes.

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