Every Shot of Baby Groot from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Trailer #2

Everyone fell in love with Groot in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film back in 2014. Then, during the credits, everyone fell in love with Groot again, this time as a sapling.  In 2017, I predict Baby Groot to be the cutest pop-culture icon of all! Forget Minions and BB-8, Baby Groot is what you and your children (if they exist) are going to want for Christmas this year!

In honor of his cuteness, I’ve made a collection of Screengrabs featuring every shot of Baby Groot from the 2nd trailer to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In doing so,I realized how little of the trailer Baby Groot actually appears in, making his overwhelming presence all the more impressive. Look close, as a smaller Groot is known to hitch a ride on someone’s shoulder. guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-01-behind-rocketguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-02-plug-in-speakersguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-03-plug-in-speakers-adorableguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-04-fearguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-05-get-your-seatbelt-onguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-06-ship-crashguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-07-riding-rocketguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-08-groot-wavesguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-09-gamora-smilesguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-10-with-yondu-and-rocketguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-11-with-whole-teamguardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-trailer-baby-groot-12-with-whole-teamGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits the big screen this May!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Final Theatrical Trailer

Below is the final theatrical trailer for what looks to be, at the very least, the most visually stunning Marvel Cinematic Universe film yet… GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2!

So, for once, I’m just going to let it be… (Though there is obviously so much I could say…)


“Groot, put your seatbelt on!”

‘Nuff Said.

ALIEN: COVENANT Trailer #2: “What Happened Here?”

Finally, in the 2nd, far less graphic trailer for Alien: Covenant, the connection to Prometheus is made clear.

Though Ridley Scott returned to the Alien franchise in 2012, with the “Not an Alien Prequel” that was clearly a strange Alien Prequel, Prometheus, things are only now beginning to look a look a lot like 1979’s Alien! In this direct sequel to Prometheus, “Alien” triumphantly returns to the title, in time for a new series of films leading us into the original classic. The following trailer takes the elements and threads left from Prometheus  and builds it into a horror film finally worthy to follow what I consider the scariest film of all time… Alien.


We got eggs and facehuggers! Creepy hallways and Xenomorphs! New to the equation are couples, at first a curiosity in the Prologue released last week, now established as being a necessity for a crew set on colonizing a new world. These more intense relationships will surely make the ability to let go and the pain of loss that follows all the worse. On this new world, the crew of the Covenant find plant-life from Earth… but no other living beings… animal or otherwise. What they do find is the ship that Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David’s head (Michael Fassbender) used to escape the deadly planet in Prometheus. And it looks like they brought a few horrors with them. How nice.

This trailer for Alien: Covenant shows me all the iconic imagery and tight corridor chills I want to see… along with a big fucking Alien! (For more… check out all these SCREENGRABS!)

Alien: Covenant Poster #2
Also… new Poster!

May 19th can’t come soon enough!

On that day, you will here me scream… with joy! (And in terror…)

Watch ALIEN: COVENANT “Prologue: Last Supper” Jokingly Tease Grisly Deaths

Surprise! 20th Century Fox just released a “Prologue” for May’s Alien: Covenant, directed by Ridley Scott.

“Last Supper” gives us a fun introduction to the larger-than-average “crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy*,” following the disappearance of the exploration ship Prometheus. We have the chance to spend our first and final meal with characters played by James Franco, Billy Crudup, Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterson, Danny McBride… and many more I don’t know yet! These Alien movies have a reputation, so which one or two characters will actually survive?

Watch the Prologue for Alien: Covenant, “The Last Supper” below. Then we’ll hit on a few fun Easter Eggs, references, and foreshadowing from the scene.

Foreboding, no?

First off, this feels like Alien. It looks like Alien. Could this finally be the horror follow-up to 1979’s Alien, that I’ve been waiting for? There is a clever Alien fake-out that comes when one of the crew begins to choke, immediately conjuring images of that Chestburster ripping through John Hurt (RIP) in the original film. Danny McBride’s character also seems to reference the events that kicked off Aliens… or something like it.  Of course, Michael Fassbender, playing a different android than David from Prometheus… in this scene… ties the film to the one that precedes it. Even with the Aliens Easter Egg, this should all be set between the events of Prometheus and Alien.

There have been worries that having not one, but two, “Team Seth Rogen” actors, McBride and Franco, would tilt the film too far into the comedy zone, even though the two have both great dramatic work and the initial Red Band Trailer is dark and scary as shit.  Franco is sullen in the clip, literally ill, while McBride is off making Cum jokes… which really doesn’t feel out of place when you have Crudup telling his wife that McBride is an ass. What is the deal with Franco, though? In the trailer he seems to be the 1st victim of a possible “backburster,” based on something he picked up on “what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world.*”  Or, it could be my theory, a complete transformation into the new Xenomorph!Alien Covenant Trailer James Franco Backburster XenomorphThe other fun detail to note is the new android Fassbender is playing. I say new, because it has been confirmed Fassbender is a robot on the Covenant we’ve never met, while David from Prometheus (or his head) will be found later in the film. Fassbender is playing a very different synthetic at this point; his movement is more robotic than David’s and his sense of humor/humanity is infantile. Though we can assume this is a newer model than David based on the timeline, perhaps he is more of a blank slate, as he has not had the decades alone while his crew was in cryosleep to learn and practice being human.

Finally, we actually see married couples, including two gay men, aboard a ship together. There have often been flings in these movies, but this crew is practically made up of families, sans children. Someone also mentions getting marooned… which seems to be extreme foreshadowing based on the final part of the Alien: Covenant synopsis, “When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.”

I guess we’ll find out who gets to live on May 19th when Alien: Covenant hits the big screen.



* Excerpts from the official synopsis for the film.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Trailer #4… With Screengrabs!

Just in time for the release of Doctor Strange, DC is touting their wares with new trailers for The Lego Batman Movie and Wonder Woman! The Wonder Woman trailers continue to worry me, but The Lego Batman Movie keeps looking more and more fantastic each time!

The latest trailer sets up more of the story and offers the first real footage of Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson), Joker (Zach Galifianakis), and mask free Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett, mask or no mask). It offers more action, as well as more lonely Batman living the mundane life between acts of heroism.

Check out the trailer now, but stay for the Original Screengrabs I made for you!

I included some notes on the Screengrabs, in case you missed something.

“Police Clown-Hunt”
Notice the sign… “Batman Forever.”
“Hard on Crime, Easy On The Eye”
“4-Ever…” hmm… must be a bunch of cool references to other Batman flicks…
Wayne Manor
Batman still deserves this lobster.
I thought he was a tech genius…
Portraits of Thomas and MARTHA! Wayne
Working out in bathrobes, or is it Bat-Rodes? (Har-de-har-har)
Little Bruce won’t be happy for long…
The Batsub
Bat Zeppelin
Bat Kayak! 
The Joker… and some much lesser used villains…
Dick Greyson likes to perch like Batman
Evil Joker
Happy Joker
A Batman V Superman shout-out (parody). Bat references indeed.
Sad Joker
Barbara Gordon
The police’s plan…
Bruce Wayne’s reaction.
A daring catch!
They reference “Master Builders” from The Lego Movie!
Did they break Robin out of Prison?
There go Robin’s clothes again…
One butt, one seat.

THE SEX ADDICT Trailer: What Doesn’t Kill You… Makes You Harder

Normally, we focus on the big picture here; the most mainstream of the mainstream. Yet, for every gigantic Marvel film and far less successful movies that still sport A-List movie stars, there are also thousands of films made for a fraction of the price by aspiring filmmakers. While most of these films will slip by, unknown, some will be the next Clerks. There are a lot of “kids” who think all they need to do is max out credit cards or use Daddy’s money to become the next Kevin Smith. And then there are the truly talented up and comers, who are making some pretty great independent films.The Sex Addict - Amir Mo, Valerie Tosi, Danielle Gross

It is incredibly important to keep your eyes open for the films you won’t see advertised all over the web, TV, etc. There are films out there that will be the next Evil DeadClerks, Paranormal Activity, etc. You just don’t know it yet. Even if no one you know has heard of it, you may find an independent gem that will become one of your favorite films.  Likewise, keeping your fingers on the “independent pulse” will make you aware of new talented writers, directors and actors that may make or star in your favorite TV Show or Blockbuster one day. Directors like Steven Spielberg and Christoper Nolan, as well as the actors crushing it in Marvel films may be our present, but independent films are indications of the film landscape in the not-so-distant future.

The Sex Addict is one such film I’m keeping my eye on for said reasons. Amir Mo strikes me as someone we will all someday know in the comedy scene, based on this hilarious trailer for a movie he wrote, directed, and stars in. With this film’s partially add-libbed, mockumentary style, I could see Mo becoming the next Christopher Guest or Larry David. One day you’ll see him in a sitcom, a comedy hit, or even as the next auteur behind a film in your favorite franchiseThe Sex Addict - Amir-Mo

Or you don’t need to dwell on the future of Amir Mo; his current film, The Sex Addict, just might be your next favorite comedy. If you don’t seek out films like this, you will miss out! So, when you see this film and love it, you’re welcome. When you eventually see Mo in the big leagues and think to yourself, “I’ve been enjoying his work before he was famous, I’m the best, this is awesome!” you’re also welcome.  If you must have celebrities, The Sex Addict features Horatio Sans (SNL), Bryan Callen (MadTV, Oz, The Hangover 1 & 2), and Ken Davitian (Borat), so what’s your excuse?  Open your eyes to similar films outside the mainstream, and check out the trailer for the hilarious independent film, The Sex Addict.

A sex-addicted man’s life starts to unravel when he becomes the subject of a school documentary by a bookish yet beautiful young PhD student. This comedy mockumentary examines the life of Rex, whose addiction to the many vices of sexual pleasure have left him at his witless end.

The Sex Addict stars Amir Mo, Valerie Tosi, Horatio Sans, Ken Davitian, Bryan Callen, Mary Carey, Caleb Thomas, Danielle Gross, and Timothy Huxtable. Check out the film’s official website, or stay tuned to Breaking Geek for updates on when and where you can see The Sex Addict!The Sex Addict Poster

5 Groovy Facts About BALANCE OF TERROR

Balance of Terror is widely considered one of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS for short). The 14th episode of the series, Balance of Terror aired on December 15th, 1966, involving a game of cat-and-mouse between the USS Enterprise and a Romulan Bird of Prey. The episode was the first to feature a large scale battle between two Starships; all the preceding episodes involved face-to-face encounters with aliens, viruses, and not one, but two “Evil Captain Kirks” (a robot Kirk in What Are Little Girls Made Of? and a Kirk split into good and evil halves in The Enemy Within). This space battle defined the style of engagement between the Enterprise and enemy ships, influencing everything from the finale of Wrath of Khan to 2009’s Star Trek.

Balance of Terror is set to define the future of Star Trek on TV in 2017, so let’s take a look at 5 GROOVY facts from 1966!

A New Threatromulans-from-balance-of-terror-to-star-trek-2009The Romulans are a staple of the Star Trek universe, serving as the Federation’s most formidable and well-known alien race, behind only the infamous Klingons, in the 23rd Century. Balance of Terror is the 1st time the audience and the human race have ever seen a Romulan (though it may have been retconned since). During the Earth-Romulan War, a century before the events of TOS, there was no visual communication between the Federation and the Romulan Empire.

Today, even youngsters who have only seen the new films kick-started by J.J. Abrams can point out a Romulan. In 2009’s Star Trek, the Enterprise and her crew faced Nero (Eric Bana) and his crew, who both killed Kirk’s father and destroyed Spock’s home planet of Vulcan. Though their design has been updated many times since December 1966, Romulans remain a mainstay of the Star Trek universe.

Lend Me Your Ears!romulans-balanceofterrorRomulans and Vulcans share a common ancestry, so the make-up department used the same ear prosthetic to create Romulans that was applied to Leonard Nemoy to play Mr. Spock. Did you know that due to budget and time constraints, not all the actors playing Romulans were given the distinctive pointy ears? The less prominent Romulans were given helmets instead; re-purposed Roman Helmet props from the studio’s biblical movies on the 1950s. Who says you can’t just redress an old prop designed to look two centuries into one that is meant to be used 2,000 years in the future?

Good Romulans Make For Better Vulcansmark-lenard-as-romulan-and-vulcanEveryone knows actor Max Lenard went from playing the Romulan Commander in Balance of Terror to playing not just any Vulcan, but Spock’s own father Sarek in the episode Journey to Babel in 1967 (Everyone knows this)! Yet, Lenard was not the only actor from Balance of Terror to go from Romulan to Vulcan… Lawrence Montaigne also went on to play a Vulcan with a personal relation to Spock; his rival Stonn in 1967’s Amok Time. Fascinating. “Common Ancestry” indeed!

Max Lenard also had the chance to take it a step further, playing a Klingon Captain in 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, making him the 1st actor to play all three of TOS‘s primary alien species. Vulcans and Klingons were not as fulfilling to Lenard, who said, “The Romulan Commander was one of the best roles I ever had on TV…In many ways, I did enjoy that role [Sarek], but I think the more demanding role and the better acting role was the Romulan Commander”.

The Enemy Belowthe-enemy-below-1957-posterBalance of Terror is based on the plot of the 1957 film, The Enemy Below. Set during World War II, the film focuses on a  deadly game of “cat-and-mouse” (sound familiar?) between an American Destroyer and a German U-Boat. The Enterprise obviously played the role of the American Destroyer, with the U-Boat subbed out for the Romulan Bird of Prey; both enemy vessels able to avoid detection, whether it be submerging under the ocean having a cloaking device. As in The Enemy Below, both captains are evenly matched, with the hero having to overcome his opponent through his superior strategy.

A “Touchstone” for Star Trek: Discovery

The USS Discovery from 2017’s STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

In 2017 a new series set a decade before TOS, Star Trek: Discovery (or STD… which is unfortunate), is set to air. We know little about the show besides the aforementioned time period, the fact it will be more serialized with a more connected season structure, will feature the USS Discovery, and be the 1st series told from the perspective of a female First Officer instead of the ship’s Captain.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller did Tweet this interesting piece of information back in September:


See? I told you Balance of Terror is a fan favorite!

What exactly Fuller is referring to remains a bit of a mystery. Some think this means the new show will feature the Earth-Romulan War, though this is unlikely as said conflict took place a century before the events of STD and TOS. Though Balance of Terror establishes that Romulans and Humans haven’t made contact in 100 years, my hope is the show explores events similar to the beloved episode, with the Romulans attacking Federation outposts surrounding Earth as a prelude to a planned Earth-Romulan War II that the crew of the Discovery must prevent. Just throw in some mumbo-jumbo about the Federation covering it up as to not cause panic. Retcon!romulans-star-trek-tos-balance-of-terrorOthers believe “Touchstone,” in this case, implies that Fuller and his team are simply shooting to replicate the quality of Balance of Terror. Or maybe they’ll just borrow the plot involving cat-and-mouse space warfare, this time drawn out over a season. Fuller has also said that the show will feature an event we’ve “heard referred to but have never seen.” Unless the time-period we’ve been given for STD is wrong, we won’t be seeing the Earth-Romulan War, but either way hopefully we get plenty of Romulans!

Such a strong alien opponent’s existence should not be limited to simply 1966’s Balance of Terror through 2009’s Star Trek. Romulans will hopefully be terrorizing us for decades to come!

SHERLOCK Season 4 Trailer: Something Is Coming… But What?

This should be the last trailer I share from San Diego Comic Con 2016, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Yet it’s the first trailer that’s not from Marvel Studios or DC Entertainment, but again, that doesn’t make it any less exciting. It’s also the second trailer in a row featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, which does always makes it very exciting!

On SDCC’s final day, BBC revealed their trailer for Sherlock Season 4, airing in the States on January 2017.

Things have certainly been amped-up to 11! “The game is afoot” would be the normal Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) expression, but as this Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) reminds us, “For Christ’s Sake, Sherlock, it’s not a game!”

More cinematic, with an obviously higher budget (helicopters and special effects galore!), the intensity has also increased with a trailer that promises to threaten the lives of all the characters we’ve grown to love over the (many)  years.Sherlock Season 4 Trailer SDCC Toby JonesSherlock and Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), the greatest duo on the BBC, are back in action, facing a brand new villain played by Tony Jones and perhaps… Moriarty (Andrew Scott)? Moriarty, Sherlock’s greatest foe was killed at the end of the 2nd Season, but at the end of the 3rd Season we learned he could be back? Then again last year’s Christmas Special, The Abominable Bride, involved Sherlock coming to terms with the fact that his greatest foe cannot be back after witnessing Moriarty blow his brains out. So is he?Sherlock Season 4 Trailer SDCC Toby Jones LaughingSomething is Coming… it may or may not be Moriarty, but we do know to expect Toby Jones! Jones is a fantastic actor and will make a formidable opponent for clever Sherlock, but what’s most interesting to me is that Jones would have made a perfect (if more conventional) Moriarty.

The game is… wait, it’s not a game? Something is coming then, I suppose, and it may or may not be a 4th Season of Sherlock!


DR. STRANGE Trailer #2: Marvel Drops Acid and Looks Through a Kaleidoscope!

It seems like whenever DC releases something awesome, say the new Teasers for Wonder Woman, Justice League, and The Lego Batman Movie, Marvel strikes back and eclipses them.

While these DC titles are all higher profile (it’s Wonder Women, Batman, and The Justice League for Christ’s sake), Marvel Studios has turned one of their lesser known comics into another unique genre crossover that explores a new corner of the MCU (magic!) with a fresh visual unlike anything we’ve seen. Lofty statements, I know, but just check out the trailer and try not to let your brain melt.

The visuals are stunning, like Inception on Mushrooms (seriously, this movie is probably a druggie’s wet dream). To remember just the insane worlds and architecture literally folding in on each other is a mistake; we also see gorgeous portals and an amazing realization of what using magic looks like in the MCU. Though you could argue Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) uses magic, nothing she’s done in Avengers: Age of Ultron or Captain America: Civil War looks as well executed as the magic we see Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) perform in battle.

Like with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, Marvel is showing us something they haven’t done yet. Something less conventional and more of a genre crossing movie that surprises us again after a more conventional film like Civil War.Dr. Strange Poster #2 SDCC“You [DC] show them something, we’ll show you something better,” sayth Marvel! And it was great.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE SDCC Trailer & Poster: Life Doesn’t Give You Seat Belts

Yet another gift arrives from DC during San Diego Comic Con 2016!

Earlier DC showed us teasers for Wonder Woman and Justice League, but now we have a longer trailer for the best looking upcoming DC Film of all: The Lego Batman Movie!

Producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord promised The Lego Batman Movie “is chock full of stuff for Batman aficionados. It is just a 90-minute Easter egg.” The trailer certainly confirms this statement as it is full of Batman references of all types, from the ridiculous versions of the character that exist due to action figures and strange comic story lines to every film iteration of the character. Watch the trailer now!

“Bruce Wayne Lives In Batman’s Attic.” Love it. Not just because it’s hilarious, but because that exact idea is key to a strong Batman interpretation.  The Batman is real, Bruce Wayne is the mask.

That sort of detail confirms that though in Lego form, this version of a Batman film is still more than welcome, approaching the character in a way we’ve never seen on the big screen; through humor. In an age where Batman is at his darkest in the films (though lightening up a bit in Justice League), I cannot wait to see my favorite comedic actor, Will Arnett, voice Batman/Bruce Wayne in this spin-off from the The Lego MovieThe Lego Batman Movie Trailer Joker and RobinJoining Arnett is his Arrested Development co-star, Michael Cera as Robin, bringing a refreshing combination of more wide-eyed excitement and innocence than the traditional Dick Grayson. Ralph Fiennes is the perfect sarcastic Alfred (though I love what the DCEU has going with Jeremy Irons), and though we have yet to hear dialog, Zach Galifianakis has the Joker laugh down.

Finally, the poster. Enjoy!The Lego Batman Movie Poster


Trailers for JUSTICE LEAGUE, WONDER WOMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD! New Posters & Artwork Too!

Just like Marvel Studios’ Netflix Presentation, DC Entertainment didn’t  just bring a trailer for their next movie, Suicide Squad, to San Diego Comic Con, they also brought a teaser and poster for their movie after that, Wonder Woman… AND even a trailer and official image for their own super team team up film, Justice League! The Justice League trailer, unlike Netflix’s The Defenders Series “teaser,” actually has new footage… a lot of it!

There’s defiantly one theme I’ve noticed with all the trailers; each movie going forward is beginning to feel a lot more like Marvel than previous DCEU films, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.Suicide Squad SDCC 2016 Joker Smile Hand TatooLet’s build up to the most exciting trailer shall we? (Justice League, duh!). So we’ll start with Suicide Squad, a movie for which we have many trailers already, though the new one still offers quite a bit of new footage. While not going as far as the Batman V Superman trailer that spoiled Doomsday, the villain is revealed more than before in this latest trailer, and there are a lot of new scenes that will wet your appetite. If you are already at footage overload, don’t feel too bad about skipping the San Diego Comic Con 2016 Suicide Squad trailer. The film may feel fresher on August 5th without it.

New action, extended dialog scenes among the Squad with an emphasis on Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) as well, and more Joker (Jared Leto) and Batman (Ben Affleck). Still a winning combination, though the music is the least inspired of the many trailers.

Up next we have the Poster AND first Teaser Trailer for 2017’s Wonder WomanWonder Woman Teaser Poster SDCCThat’s the poster, obviously. Now here comes the trailer:

Wonder Woman looks like an interesting mix of Thor, a Jane Austin novel, Captain America: The First Avenger, and a Zack Snyder movie, even though it is being directed by Patty Jenkins. The Amazon scenes and costumes remind me of Thor‘s Asgard. The costumes and non-action scenes remind me of romance films based on Victorian era novels. The World War I elements are painfully First Avenger-esque, especially the emphasis on Wonder Woman’s shield. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) uses her shield to dispatch a German Solider just like Cap, in a scene involving extreme slow motion action which gives it that Zack Snyder feel, as well as the muted colors in the overall tone of it’s look.

It’s slightly baffling why DC would use their chance to introduce Wonder Woman to make a film that looks so close to Captain America: The First Avenger; both being a World War period piece with a superhuman brandishing a round Shield.Wonder Woman does also get her trademark Lasso, but there’s no invisible jet! (Thank god for that). Chris Pine as Steve Trevor does bring more humor than in either BvS or the Suicide Squad trailer, especially compared to the continued stoic take on Wonder Woman herself.  This lightness really does gives the trailer more of a Marvel feel than what DC has given us thus far. Justice League SDCC First Image Flash Batman Superman Wonder Woman Cyborg AquamanWhich brings us to the most Marvel-y trailer of all, the 1st teaser for Justice League! The trailer focuses on Batman recruiting the Justice League as Bruce Wayne, always out of the suit, which is a very interesting choice. In fact, because Justice League is still being shot, we’re treated almost entirely to recruitment scenes without costumes or special effects, but it still looks great, despite being handled by Zack Snyder who ruined Batman V Superman.

Though you may recognize them all, the heroes featured above are Flash/Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), Superman/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), Cyborg/ Victor Stone (Ray Fisher), Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Aquaman/Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa). All appear in the trailer, except Superman, who most be “dead” during recruitment but will obviously return based on the above photo… and the fact that you can’t have the Justice League without Superman (but you can do it without Green Lantern, who has been a member forever)!

Justice League looks surprisingly good thus far, with even more humor than Wonder Woman or Suicide Squad, most of it coming from the Dark Knight himself, traditionally the least jokey character in comics (his nemesis makes up for his lack of humor). I like how the teaser plays with the difficulty of recruiting some, like Aquaman, while others like Barry Allen jump at the chance to join up because he needs friends… and is blown away he is actually meeting Batman! Again, it feels a lot like The Avengers, as it should, with great humor and hints at team dynamics that will likely include a little bit of friction/in-fighting at the beginning.

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is the gift that keeps on giving, worrying me a little with Wonder Woman, but restoring good will towards Justice League.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a good time to be a Geek!

SDCC ‘LUKE CAGE’ Trailer May Be Marvel’s Best – Also, ‘IRON FIST’ and ‘DEFENDERS’ Teasers!

Marvel’s Netflix corner of the MCU looks as though it will continue to blossom (not that anything can really grow in Marvel’s version of Hell’s Kitchen or Harlem).

At San Diego Comic Con Thursday, Marvel Studios unveiled trailers for their next three (3!) Netflix Series. To be fair, they range from as teaser-y as you can get to full-on-bad-ass action sequence.Comic Con SDCC Luke Cage Trailer Mike Colter Car DoorFrom what I have seen thus far, Marvel’s Netflix series (which are part of the official MCU of Marvel Studios Movies & Television – one shared universe) have been of the highest quality, standing toe to toe with the best films that feature any combination of Avengers’ Members. Daredevil raised the bar as far as what a superhero on TV could be, how dark Marvel Studios would go, and further proved the company can make any character interesting. Then the Studio doubled down with Jessica Jones, stepping back from the Superhero Genre into the shadows of Film Noir/ Detective Genre, all while upping the ante as far as darkness and reinventing a nearly unknown comic character. And while Daredevil is good, Jessica Jones is great,  even featuring one of the top 3 villains in all of the MCU; Kilgrave (David Tennant) alongside Loki and Baron Zemo.Comic Con SDCC Luke Cage Trailer Mike Colter Bring It Bullet HolesThis new, full Luke Cage trailer carries on the tone of Marvel’s “Defenders” shows (more on The Defenders in a bit), with a hallway action sequence that brings Daredevil Season 1’s famous shot to mind, but presents a completely fresh tone in a Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man manner. Existing more as a scene than a full “theatrical” trailer (they actually do call longer TV Show Trailers that now), the San Diego Comic Con trailer for Luke Cage may be the best trailer the studio has cut in either medium. It does appear to lean more toward the Superhero Genre than Jessica Jones, though.

After a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City. But he is soon pulled out of the shadows and must fight a battle for the heart of his city – forcing him to confront a past he had tried to bury.

Watch it now, then onto Iron Fist and The Defenders!

Luke Cage (Mike Colter) certainly looks like he will be kicking ass AND taking names to a few jams come September 30th.

Not surprisingly, Marvel and Netflix had more to share at Comic Con, the 4th show in their Defenders Universe, following Luke Cage.Iron Fist SDCC Trailer Danny RandIron Fist doesn’t look nearly as good as Luke Cage, Daredevil, or Jessica Jones, but it is just a 51 second teaser showing me glimpses at characters and powers I don’t recognize. After all, Iron Fist is the hardest sell, as the most unknown of the characters appearing on Netflix similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, while also being the least grounded and hardest to sell, like Thor.

Returning to New York City after being missing for years, Daniel Rand fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his incredible kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.

I give you, Finn Jones as Danny Rand/Iron Fist.

Which finally brings us to The Defenders, as I promised. The Defenders lies at the end of Marvel’s Netflix version of Phase 1. Just as all four  Avengers were introduced one movie at a time (with Iron Man receiving two movies) before their team up film, these four Netflix characters that protect Hell’s Kitchen in their respective television seasons (with Daredevil receiving two seasons, as well) will assemble to form THE DEFENDERS! Marvel’s more brutal Heroes brought together and allowed to go into R-Rated territory, brought to you by Disney!

Marvel’s The Defenders will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, as they face their biggest threat yet.

Here’s that most teaser-y of teasers you’ve seen since The Dark Knight teaser trailer!

No footage this early on, and is that voice over even from the show? Because have they started it yet? I am unsure, but it is a tease of a teaser as promised.

There you have it, teasers for the remainder of “Defenders: Phase 1.” There’s a bright, beautiful Marvel future out there, friends, even without going to the Cinema (though you should probably continue to do that too).

STAR TREK BEYOND Final Trailer SCREENGRABS!!! Complete Set.

Earlier today saw the release of the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond, which hits the silver screen this Friday!… I’ve gone and done it again… I’ve killed someone for sport captured all the most exciting moments in Screengrabs for your easy enjoyment.

I focused on the glory,  action shots, because, let’s be real, we’ve seen all these actors in the same costumes twice already. So revel in all the CGI/Alien/Starship-Orgy glory! Star Trek Beyond Final Trailer 1 USS EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 2 SuluStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 3 Chris Pine Captain KirkStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 4 Enterprise LaunchStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 5 Enterprise Launch 2Star Trek Beyond Final Trailer 6 Enterprise Launch 3Star Trek Beyond Final Trailer 7 Federation Space StationStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 8 Anton Yelchin Shirtless ChekovStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 9 Chris Pine Captain Kirk MotorcycleStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 10 Bones Karl Urban Spock Zachary Quinto Beam DownStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 11 Scotty Simon PeggStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 12 JaylahStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 13 Alien Ship SwarmStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 14 Alien Ship Swarm BreaksStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 15 Alien Ship Swarm EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 16 Krall's ShipStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 17 Krall's Ship BreaksStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 18 Krall's Ship Hits EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 19 Krall Idris ElbaStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 20 Kirk Motorcycle BeamingStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 21 Kirk and Female Alien on MotorcycleStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 22 Sulu and UhuraStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 23 Jeylah BeaningStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 24 Jeylah Bones and SpockStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 25 Alien with Super GunStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 26 Super Gun BlastStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 27 Space MadnessStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 28 Space Madness 2Star Trek Beyond Final Trailer 29 Chris Pine Captain Kirk and Bones Karl UrbanStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 30 Space StationStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 31 Space Station 2Star Trek Beyond Final Trailer 31 Mysterious Alien GornStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 32 Mysterious AliensStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 33 Mysterious Aliens AttackStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 34 ExplosionStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 35 Huge Alien Ship SwarmStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 36 Huge Alien Ship WaveStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 37 Huge Alien Ship Wave crestsStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 38 Huge Alien Ship Wave crests ExplosionStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 39 Huge Alien Ship Wave EscapeStar Trek Beyond Final Trailer 40 Chris Pine Captain Kirk and Bones Karl Urban

Final STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer AND Official Synopsis for STAR TREK 4 Confirms Return of Chris Hemsworth!

It is a great day (and week) indeed, fellow Trek fans! Not only was the final, “short and oh-so-sweet” trailer released for this Friday’s Star Trek Beyond, but Paramount also treated us to the official plot synopsis for the yet-to-be-dated  “new” Star Trek 4!

First, the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond:

Exciting, no? There’s nothing wrong  with a few explosions! I’m pumped for Thursday (and will have a review up no later than Friday afternoon, hopefully Thursday night)!

(By the way… is that the Gorn in that one scene?!? Those four legged Aliens look like the version of the Gorn used in the PS3 Star Trek game…)

Not excited yet? Well… I have some even more fascinating news directly from Paramount Pictures.

Remember George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), Jim’s (Chris Pine) dad who died in the 1st (incredible) scene that opened J.J. Abram’s original 2009 reboot/sequel, Star Trek? Well, here’s what Paramount has planned for the now officially confirmed, Star Trek 4!

In the next installment of the epic space adventure, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk will cross paths with a man he never had a chance to meet, but whose legacy has haunted him since the day he was born: his father. Chris Hemsworth, who appeared in 2009’s Star Trek, will return to the space saga as George Kirk to star alongside Pine.

Wow! What a spectacular move! Star Trek 2009 Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk

What’s better than one Chris? Two! And the same can be said about two Kirks!

This news really does open very interesting territory for Star Trek 4 to explore. Not uncharted territory, per say, as time travel is nothing new to Star Trek Canon (it was even used to set up the new “Kelvin” timeline in the 2009 film), but fun none-the-less. George Kirk was a short role for Hemsworth and came before he was even cast as Thor, but it did leave quite an impression on me. The scene in which George has to pilot the U.S.S. Kelvin into a collision with Nero’s Romulan Vessel in an effort to save his wife and son, is perhaps my favorite in the entire franchise. Shot expertly by Abrams completed by Michael Giacchino’s heart-wrenching score, it’s hard to find a more touching scene in Sci-Fi.

Now father and son will be reunited in Star Trek 4! Will it be time travel? More alternate dimensions (“Mirror Mirror?”)? Is it all an alien ploy to defeat the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise? Will father and son get along? Will they clash? Because I would love to watch Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth fight!Star Trek Beyond Chris Pine Captain James T KirkWhat’s most interesting about this official synopsis is that it comes in advance of the 3rd film, this week’s Star Trek Beyond. In fact, this sort of thing is nearly unheard of. Studios may promise sequels before they know if their current film is a success, but they almost never give you a plot this far from release. Ghostbusters (2016) is a good example of this; a sequel has been announced, but we haven’t been told the plot. Hell, they don’t give you the plot to Iron Man 3 when Iron Man 2 is released, and Marvel plans their films farther out than most!

So the question arises: why now? Was this announcement made to further promote Star Trek Beyond? Is Star Trek 4 planned out this far in advance to serve as a “Part 2” to Star Trek Beyond?

After all, the earlier trailers for Beyond have made it clear that Kirk’s emotional arc in this film involves becoming his own man and escaping the long shadow his father, a Hero of the Federation, has cast.  Will Beyond end on a cliffhanger, somehow blasting Kirk, Spock, Bones and the rest through a Black Hole to the past? Or is it merely an arc the writing team has had planned since the inception of Star Trek Beyond?Image converted using ifftoanyI guess it will take a few years to find out all these answers. But,in the meantime, we have a new Trek film coming this week and the idea of two Kirks to salivate over!

Star Trek 4 will be written by newbies  J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay (an uncredited writer on Star Trek Beyond according to IMDB) and produced by Lindsey Weber and J.J. Abrams. No word yet if either Abrams or Justin Lin will return to direct.

Live Long and Prosper!

STAR TREK BEYOND Final Trailer #3: Rihanna? Really?

In what seems like one of the most “un-Star Trek-y” moves ever, there is a new, final, trailer #3 for next month’s Blockbuster Star Trek Beyond complete with a Rihanna single written exclusively for the movie? What the Fuck? Are you Battle-Shitting Me??

The 1st trailer, released last December, featured a Beastie Boys’ song, “Sabotage” and fellow Geeks reacted negatively. I personally didn’t mind. Sure, using a classic hit song reeks of a Guardian of the Galaxy ploy (that Suicide Squad is duplicating quite well), and it is no secret that Paramount requested Star Trek Beyond be more akin to Guardians of the Galaxy than the Star Trek Legacy (though Simon Pegg assures us, the film is a Trek fan’s wet dream).Star Trek Beyond Captain Final Trailer #3Well, Mr. Pegg, are you quite sure? Because licencing a Rihanna song (titled “Sledgehammer”) and debuting it on your final trailer does not seem very Star Trek-y at all! Not… on… bit.

Watch the Trailer Now!

Hopefully my fears are unfounded. Star Trek Beyond remains the movie I am most excited to see that is left this Summer 2016, with expectations it can be the 2nd Best Movie of the Season, behind Captain America: Civil War (there really isn’t too much competition… it’s been a disappointing summer…). The new trailer really doesn’t show us much of anything new, just extended scenes of all the great footage from the 2nd Trailer, released not a month ago.

Star Trek Beyond hits the States on July 22nd! Live Long and Prosper!

Especially you, Anton Yelchin. RIP, sweet Chekov.Star Trek Beyond Poster Anton Yelchin Chekov

STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer #2 HD Screengrabs!

You know me, I like Screengrabs (and they sell, baby!). Here are some I made on my own, originals if you will, covering EVERY shot in the trailer (mostly…mostly). Because I’m nothing if not a completist.

Yes, they are all HD. But these are moving pictures, kiddies, so sometimes they come out blurry. Trust me, I’m an expert.Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 PlanetStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Planet & EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Planet & Enterprise 3Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Planet & Enterprise 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer Captain Kirk Chris Pine HallwayStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Enters BridgeStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine and Bones Karl Urban DrinkStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine and Bones Karl Urban Drink 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer USS Enterprise WarpStar Trek Beyond Trailer USS Enterprise Warp FlashStar Trek Beyond Trailer USS Enterprise Warp 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Classic Yellow UniformStar Trek Beyond Trailer Captain Kirk Chris Pine at Starfleet HQStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 USS Enterprise Launch Tube StarfleetStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Spock Zachary QuintoStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Bones Karl UrbanStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura Zoe SaldanaStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Simon Pegg Scotty Plugs In CablesStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise Detaches from Space StationStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine and Bones Karl Urban On BridgeStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Bones Karl Urban Spock Look to StarsStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise Shoots Into SpaceStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise Shoots Into Space 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Swarm EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine WorriedStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Swarm Enterprise 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Swarm Enterprise 3Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Simon Pegg Scotty Plugs WorriedStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Swarm Enterprise 4Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Swarm Enterprise 5Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Explosion CrewStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura Zoe Saldana WorriedStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Takes a BreathStar Trek Beyond Trailer Door Explodes Boarding Krall Idris ElbaStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Alien Boarding Party2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Alien Boarding Party1Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Escape Pods Shoot from EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Chekov Anton Yelchin in Escape PodStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Escape Pod LaunchStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Sulu Jon Cho in Escape PodStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Sulu Jon Cho in Escape Pod 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Bones Karl Urban In Escape PodStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Swarm Enterprise EngineStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Destroy EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enemy Ships Destroy Enterprise 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Alien PlanetStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Female Alien Fights Bad AliensStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Simon Pegg Scotty Plugs On Alien PlanetStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura Zoe Saldana in Alien CityStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Idris Elba as KrallStar Trek Beyond Uhura Zoe Saldana and KrallStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Krall Idris Elba Talks to UhuraStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 starfleet under attack by alien shipsStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura Zoe Saldana ScreamsStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Motorcycle Phasing TransporterStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine On MotorcycleStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Spock Zachary Quinto Talks to BonesStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Female Alien HeroStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Starfleet BaseStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Misses SwitchStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Starfleet Space Station Kirk Falls Chris PineStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Bones Karl Urban Talks to Spock Zachary QuintoStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura Zoe Saldana Fights AlienStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Slides Down destroyed EnterpriseStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Slides down Enterprise 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Fires PhaserStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 New Female Alien Prepared to FightStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Jumps From ExplosionStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Idris Elba as Krall Reads Kirks FileStar Trek Beyond Trailer New Female Alien HeroStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise Crew on Alien PlanetStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura and Sulu on Alien PlanetStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Starfleet Space Station Kirk Under AttackStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Simon Pegg Scotty Talks to New female AlienStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Idris Elba as Krall 2Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Uhura Zoe Saldana Kisses SpockStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine New Uniform With PhaserStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Hold OnStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Sulu Hold OnStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Punch ItStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Captain Kirk Chris Pine Jumps MotorcylceStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise Explodes 1Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise ExplodesStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Enterprise Explodes 3Star Trek Beyond Trailer Space StationStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 New Female Alien ShoutingStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Bones Karl Urban Spock Uhura With PhasersStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 New Ship Swarmed By AliensStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 New Female Alien Sits in Kirks ChairStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 New Female Alien Sits in Captains ChairStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Bones Karl Urban Raised EyebrowStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Akward Spock and ChekovStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 Simon Pegg Scotty He Really Likes the ChairStar Trek Beyond Trailer 2 New Ship Flies Into SpaceStar Trek Beyond comes out in exactly two months, July 22nd!

STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer #2: No Ship, No Crew, No Problem!

Wow, it took them (Paramount) long enough, but we finally have our 2nd trailer AND the 1st poster for Star Trek Beyond!

Seeing as how the movie is only 2 months away, this is cutting it close for a full theatrical trailer, especially considering the teaser came out in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, over 5 months ago! Often, a lack of footage and poster this late in the game can spell trouble, so I’ve experienced some concern for the continuation of the Star Trek franchise these past months. The Teaser Trailer didn’t help; going with The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”instead of the classic orchestral score in every other recent Trek film, seemingly confirming Paramount wanted less of a Star Trek movie and something closer to Guardians of the Galaxy.Star Trek Beyond Captain Kirk Chris Pine Sulu Jon Cho Chekov Anton YelchinThankfully, the 2nd trailer for Star Trek Beyond has put my worries to rest. While I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness quite a bit, the new footage for Beyond has more character moments in it than that entire film (I’m sure Spock would see this as an exaggeration, not logic, but there you go)!

Go ahead and watch that trailer now!

I love the ties to the 1st film, bringing full circle Kirk’s father’s sacrifice and what it means for Jim to escape his father’s shadow and become his own man; the Jim Kirk who will go down in Star-Date Recordings as one of the greatest Starfleet Captains the Federation has ever had. Star Trek Beyond Bones Kirk Spock Chris Pine Karl Urban Zachary QuuintoThe new footage may include a motorcycle (which was present before), but this feels no less like Trek than J.J. Abrams’ two films, though this time Fast and Furious director Justin Lin is at the helm. All our favorite characters are back, Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Bones (Karl Urban), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Chekov (Anton Yelchin), and Sulu (John Cho) along with the brand new kick-ass Alien Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) and, of course, Idris Elba as the big baddie, Krall. Though Idris Elba may be completely covered in make-up/mask, it makes him no less intense, following in a line of what I consider to be 2 great villains, Nero (Eric Bana) and Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch).

The action’s there, the aforementioned character moments look great, and this is most definitely a Star Trek movie, not a Guardians wanna-be!

Star Trek Beyond hits the States on July 22nd, 2016! Check out the poster below and salivate.Star Trek Beyond Poster

Tax Day Trailer Catch-Up: DR. STRANGE, STAR WARS & More!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Suicide Squad, and Dr. Strange, oh my!

The past week has seen many new trailers released, especially those of the Disney (including Marvel & Lucasfilm) and Superhero variety. As Captain America: Civil War draws near -the perfect place to advertise your next Sci-Fi Action Movie if you are a Movie Studio – we’ll continue to see A-List Trailers, but perhaps none more exciting than the following…

Let’s do this by release date, shall we?

Suicide Squad Trailer #2: “Blitz”Suicide Squad Trailer Blitz Harley Quinn Gun ScopeAs Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice crumbles under the weight of a million bad reviews, things seem to be looking up in the DCEU (Detective Comics Extended Universe). Not only was there an announcement this week that Academy Award Winning Filmmaker Ben Affleck will not simply star in The Batman, but also write and direct it (with the help of his best Screenplay and Best Film Oscars); Warner Bros. and DC also released the second official trailer (not counting the initial footage from Comic Con) for Suicide Squad. A follow-up to Bats V Supes that continues to produce excellent new footage and hope that the DCEU can turn that bad launch into something glorious.

All the best elements of the first trailer return, including more humor in one trailer than the entirety of Batman V Superman (maybe someday it won’t be cool to shit on BvS…), more catchy songs, great looking comic book visuals and action, and characters that would cause any geek to Nerdgasm.Suicide Squad Trailer Blitz Joker Jared Leto ScaredMore Joker (Jared Leto)! More Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)! And the rest… Aaaaand…. BATMAN (Ben Affleck)! Suicide Squad Trailer Blitz Batman Ben AffleckIf this trailer is any indication we may be seeing more Batman in Suicide Squad than we thought! Half the villains on Task Force X are primarily part of Batman’s rogues gallery, after all.Suicide Squad Trailer Blitz Harley Quinn HammerSuicide Squad hits the States om August  5th.


Dr. Strange Teaser TrailerDr Strange Trailer Benedict Cumberbatch in Full Costume CapeI let loose a great sigh of relief when I watched the 1st trailer for Marvel’s Dr. Strange. The character rests somewhere between Thor and Ant-Man as far as trickiness goes with launching this, well, strange character upon the masses.

But all the parts work! Very little focus is put on Dr. Strange in action (we only see him in costume once… from behind… where all you really see is a cape that is the result of Thor’s and Superman’s Capes having a baby), in favor of a lot of origin looking material and the man, the myth, one of the world’s biggest Movie Stars, your friend and mine: Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.Dr Strange Trailer Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strang in SuitDr Strange Trailer Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange Bearded in RagsRelying heavily on Benedict Cumberbatch’s star power (gone are the days of casting no-names like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt, this movie has got a bigger lead than Paul Rudd!), the trailer focuses on the accident that leads him on a journey visually similar to that of Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins (just check out the cut from Stephen Strange in a suit to him in a beard and ratty cloths), continuing into Matrix-esque Training Scenes, with some Inception worthy trippy visuals.Dr Strange Trailer Benedict Cumberbatch Tilda Swinton Ancient OneDr Strange Trailer Trippy VillainDr Strange Trailer Cube Citiy InceptionI’m in! Dr. Strange appears November 4th.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Teaser TrailerRogue One A Star Wars Story Trailer Rebels on Yavin IVI’m not sold on the title (“A Star Wars Story?” Really?), but I sure am keen on the look and feel of the 1st non-trilogy/non-Skywalker-focused Star Wars movie.

Rogue One takes place within a year (or even months, weeks, or days) of the OG Star Wars (now titled Episode IV: A New Hope) and boy does the film look like it! There may be new types of Stormtroopers (2! Black and Tan!), but everything else is classic! That’s the Rebel Base on Yavin IV and those are old school Rebel Uniforms! And that’s Moth Mothma! AT-AT’s (Walkers)! A hooded figure surrounded by Imperial Guards that protect Emperor Palpatine himself!  A shot of a Star Destroyer passing by the gigantic Death Star (it’s still big, even after Starkiller Base) that looks so familiar it could be footage from A New Hope!Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Death Star

Ph: Film Frame

©Lucasfilm LFLThe new characters look great as well, from Rebels played by Felicity Jones and Diego Luna! to a wise sage with battle armor portrayed by Forrest Whitaker. Donnie Yen as a Samurai (Star Wars was inspired by the films of Akira Kurosawa)! Ben Mendelsohn as a well armed Imperial Officer with a white cape that would make Thor, Superman, AND Dr. Strange jealous!Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(Ben Mendelsohn)

Ph: Film Frame

©Lucasfilm LFLIf The Force Awakens wasn’t your cup of tea, Rogue One may be the closest thing you’ll get to the original trilogy… including the rumored appearance of a lil’ ‘ole Sith called Darth Vader.Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ph: Film Frame

©Lucasfilm LFLRogue One: A Star Wars Story lands in time for Christmas on December 16th!

See you at the movies!

Record-Breaking Trailer Catch-Up: ZOOLANDER NO. 2 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Last week, while my computer was down Breaking Geek’s massive array of servers was down, two little trailers hit the net and both made record-breaking splashes!Zoolander No. 2 BannerFirst, following the amazing poster for Zoolander No. 2 (above), Paramount quickly offered up a true trailer with real footage, not just a classically Derek Zoolander nonsensical conversation with “Stephen Hawking” as in the older teaser trailer for the film. This trailer has already become the most viewed comedy trailer of all time.

The trailer is below, delivering all the goods in a way that feels very akin to Anchorman 2, but will hopefully deliver vastly different results (i.e. it may be great!).

All the right ingredients are there, from the stupid artistry that defines Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) with kooky additions of Kristen Wiig and Penelope Cruz.

And let us never forget Will Ferell, back as the villainous, latte throwing Mugatu. This movie looks more fun than a freak, gasoline fight accident!

Next, how could Breaking Geek not share the Captain America: Civil War trailer and posters?!? We may have been away with technical difficulties for a few weeks, but the trailer must appear on this site! It’s been tracking at nearly double the views the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron had in the same time.

Check out the trailer 1st and stick around for commentary as well as the three official posters!

How awesome is that? The exact tone and feel of Captain America: Winter Soldier from the same writers and directors, with an Avengers sized spectacle. That fight scene at the end…. bananas!Captain America and Bucky V Iron ManAnd the heart…. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) telling Tony Stark that he has to side with Bucky (Sebastian Stan) because they’re friends, only to have Stark reply “So were we.”

Here are the posters I promised….Captain-America-Civil-War-Poster-1captain-america-civil-war-poster-2captain-america-civil-war-poster-3

Both these films hit in 2016 along with other Geek Fantasies such as Deadpool, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Trek Beyond, Doctor Strange, and yet another Star Wars film!

It’s good to be a geek!