Picks of the Week 3/20/13

media monster First my reading list for this week:

Supergirl #18

Action Comics #18

Indestructible Hulk #5

The Avengers #8

New Avengers #4

Deadpool #6

Nova #2

Judge Dredd: Year One #1

Superior Spider-Man #6

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3

And now on to the picks!

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Picks of the Week (Late Feb. & Early March)

media monster

Well it’s been about a month since my last picks so lets hop on in!

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Picks of the Week (Late Jan. & Early Feb.)

media monsterIt’s been about a month since my last picks of the week so I’m going to skip the reading list and jump right into the picks.

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Picks of the Week (Most of January)

media monsterWell its been almost a month since my last picks so I will skip the list of what I read since that would be a really, really, long list and go straight to the picks of the week (month).

Uncanny3My first pick of the week is Uncanny Avengers #3. Before the switch to Marvel NOW I wasn’t a big fan of any of the Avengers books, or X-men books for that matter. So for me it was highly unexpected that I would so much enjoy a book combining the two teams but with Remender at the helm it has done just that. This opening storyline with Red Skull is absolutely the best follow up to Avengers vs. X-men (not that it has much worthy competition in my mind). It almost makes the event not such a waste of time… almost. Remender is a great story teller and it is obvious in this book as he gives such a powerful weapon, Professor Xavier’s mind, to such a cruel man, the Red Skull. I will be more than happy to put down my money to see what a Nazi will do with such power and control over others thoughts. It will take some interesting twists by Remender for the Uncanny Avengers to get themselves out of this situation.

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Picks of the Weeks (Jan. 2nd and Jan 9th)

media monsterWhat I Read:

Secret Avengers #36

Legends of the Dark Knight #4

Dial H #8

Detective Comics #16

Action Comics #16

Thunderbolts #3

Star Wars #1

The Secret Service #5

Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers #4

Star Trek #16

Iron Man 3 Prelude #1

Talon #3

Superman #15

Venom #29

Star Wars: Purge: The Tyrant’s Fist #2

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #3

Teen Titans  #15

Batman Incorporated #6

Batman: The Dark Knight #15

Ultimate Spiderman #19

Iron-Man #5

New Avengers #1

And now for the picks!

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Pick of the Weeks! (Dec. 26th and Dec. 19th)

media monster

What I Read:

Avenging Spiderman #15.1

Amazing Spiderman #700

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15

Supergirl  #15

The Victories #5

The Indestructible Hulk #2

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #3

Happy #3

Judge Dredd #2

Ultimate Spiderman #18

Thunderbolts #2

Captain America #2

Venom #28

Thor: God of Thunder #3

The Avengers #2

Secret Avengers #35

Captain America &… #640

Star Trek 100 Page Spectacular

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Picks of the Week 12/12/12

media monster

What I read this week:



Batman and Robin #15

Suicide Squad #15

Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

Avengers Assemble #10

Iron Man #4

Marvel Universe vs The Avengers #3

Dark Avengers #184

Now for the picks!

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Picks of the Week Dec. 5th

media monster


This week saw more arrivals of new Marvel NOW books. Lucky for us this “not a relaunch” looks like its producing some interesting stuff. One of my picks this week comes from the debut of the new Thunderbolts. I love the concept for this book with a team of anti-heroes coming together to be a more brutal Marvel team book. The inclusion of Electra is the only thing that makes me hesitate but as long as there are not too many Electra-focused story lines then this book should have a good run. A book that includes Venom, Deadpool, and Punisher is hard to pass up for me and this issue leaves a promise of a serious ass-kicking run in the future for the Thunderbolts. Of all of the Marvel NOW books this one’s #1 issue has got me the most excited to see where things go.

dead3 Which turns me to another Marvel NOW book, one thats got me excited AND giggling, Deadpool #3 continues the ridiculous story of zombie American presidents. What an opening arc it has been, this is exactly what Deadpool should be; Absurd fun with wicked originality. Never have I more enjoyed watching Nixon get punched in the face, which is saying something. Another great bit about the first 3 Deadpool issues so far is the covers, each one looks great and provides the first funny tickle that continue throughout the book. I hope that the level of this book doesn’t drop off at the end of this arc because I can’t wait to see what shenanigans they come up with next to put the merc with a mouth through.

TDK-3The Last pick this week is Legends of The Dark Knight #3. Currently in the Bat-world, after his long faceless absence in the New 52, the Joker is everywhere thanks to Death of the Family. Legends of the Dark Knight is no different, it is on board with the Joker obsession. Rather than focusing on the Joker, this story uses the Joker as a catalyst to make a point about the good that Batman does for Gotham. I think this is a nice change of pace compared to the usual dark place the Bats books take us. The letters shine a light from the shadows of Gotham on the good that Batman does. He is a symbol of fear for a city that only understands that, but the good in Gotham can see through his disguise. While Batman struggles to get his focus off the darkness of the Joker we are able to take a look at the bright side of Gotham. We don’t see the good in Gotham nearly enough and I’m often inclined to agree with Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul that Gotham deserves whatever it has coming to it. This issue may just make me rethink my position on the people of Gotham. I’d recommend this book to anyone since it is a one and done like the Legends of the Dark Knight books before it, and it’s also not in the New 52 continuity so anyone can pick it up and enjoy, and I advise you to do just that.

An Introduction

media monsterDo you ever find yourself needing to express your deepest most thoughts on that latest episode of Psych? Or perhaps you must tell everyone how the latest issue of Batman shook you to your core? Or you feel the world at large must know how the new La Dispute album makes you feel and how it should make them feel? Yes? Well I say let that power flow through you like a rising tide of unflushed filth in your mind.

Or so I plan to do as your friendly neighborhood media monster. Why media monster? Because silly, I consume all that which is put in front of me. I let not the world of whats hot and whats not stop me, I will fully geek out on Louis and Lane: The New Adventures of Superman and I will tell you about it and you will listen damn-it!

So from one man breaking what is geek to you dear reader, I introduce myself, I am Media Monster, hear me bitch, moan, praise, and dissect that which I consume.