Picks of the Weeks (Jan. 2nd and Jan 9th)

media monsterWhat I Read:

Secret Avengers #36

Legends of the Dark Knight #4

Dial H #8

Detective Comics #16

Action Comics #16

Thunderbolts #3

Star Wars #1

The Secret Service #5

Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers #4

Star Trek #16

Iron Man 3 Prelude #1

Talon #3

Superman #15

Venom #29

Star Wars: Purge: The Tyrant’s Fist #2

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #3

Teen Titans  #15

Batman Incorporated #6

Batman: The Dark Knight #15

Ultimate Spiderman #19

Iron-Man #5

New Avengers #1

And now for the picks!

Thunderhead My first pick is Thunderbolts #3. The interactions between the team members of the Thunderbolts is turning into what I was hoping for. Throughout this issue Red Hulk and Deadpool play off each other as Deadpool and the rest of the team figures out what Hulk is up too. There is also a refreshing change of pace in that all of the characters are happy to kill there captive it’s just a matter of when, not if. Although the “when” is ripe for conflict amongst this group and I think we may see that play out in future issues. As I expected Electra is the least interesting part of this comic but luckily there is not a lot of focus on her and it mostly spends time with the other Thunderbolts. I can’t wait to see who the Thunderbolts kill next and shenanigans this band of misfits gets into.

Supese My next pick is Superman #15. The cover of this issue is enough to warrant a consideration for pick of the week. Once inside we see the relationship between Superman and Superboy continue to grow as they are still forced together by H’el. This time they are entering the prison that holds Lex Luthor, a prison that Superman knows well since he is determined to keep Lex locked up. The prison is the opponent for Superman and Superboy in this issue as they go from booby-trapped room to booby-trapped room and eventually to Luthor. After some banter between the arch-nemisis’ the Supe’s realize they might need to call in some friends to help in this situation. Superboy thinks about the Teen Titans, but Superman knows it’s time to bring out the big guns, the Justice League. Through the trials of the jail and the confrontation with Luthor, Superboy is beginning to see what makes Superman who he is. I look forward to watching their relationship continue to grow and the conflict coming between the Justice League and He’l.

Zombie My last pick is Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #3. This comic and series is just good bloody zombie fun. As the plague takes over Las Vegas the government is covering up that it has become a big deal and it is spreading. In this issue we see a bit of family history from one of the characters introduced, it is this history that we see the brutality in which zombie outbreaks have to be dealt with. If your a fan of zombies then it’s always good to see some brutality from the local population when facing an outbreak. Each turn of a page of this comic promises more bloody mayhem and carnage, which is exactly what I want out of a zombie comic.

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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