An Introduction

media monsterDo you ever find yourself needing to express your deepest most thoughts on that latest episode of Psych? Or perhaps you must tell everyone how the latest issue of Batman shook you to your core? Or you feel the world at large must know how the new La Dispute album makes you feel and how it should make them feel? Yes? Well I say let that power flow through you like a rising tide of unflushed filth in your mind.

Or so I plan to do as your friendly neighborhood media monster. Why media monster? Because silly, I consume all that which is put in front of me. I let not the world of whats hot and whats not stop me, I will fully geek out on Louis and Lane: The New Adventures of Superman and I will tell you about it and you will listen damn-it!

So from one man breaking what is geek to you dear reader, I introduce myself, I am Media Monster, hear me bitch, moan, praise, and dissect that which I consume.

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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