Picks of the Week (Most of January)

media monsterWell its been almost a month since my last picks so I will skip the list of what I read since that would be a really, really, long list and go straight to the picks of the week (month).

Uncanny3My first pick of the week is Uncanny Avengers #3. Before the switch to Marvel NOW I wasn’t a big fan of any of the Avengers books, or X-men books for that matter. So for me it was highly unexpected that I would so much enjoy a book combining the two teams but with Remender at the helm it has done just that. This opening storyline with Red Skull is absolutely the best follow up to Avengers vs. X-men (not that it has much worthy competition in my mind). It almost makes the event not such a waste of time… almost. Remender is a great story teller and it is obvious in this book as he gives such a powerful weapon, Professor Xavier’s mind, to such a cruel man, the Red Skull. I will be more than happy to put down my money to see what a Nazi will do with such power and control over others thoughts. It will take some interesting twists by Remender for the Uncanny Avengers to get themselves out of this situation.

Hulk_3 My next pick is Indestructible Hulk #3. I liked the Hulk before the switch to Marvel NOW and I like it now. This issue allows us to see how well the Hulk and SHIELD team up can work out when implemented properly. I hope they give this arc some time before they put the Hulk out on his own again. My fear is that SHIELD will want more control over Hulk, as we see when they try to get Banner to sign onto the idea of a Recording Observation Bot or R.O.B. However, the Hulk is inherently uncontrollable and hopefully SHIELD accepts what it can’t change and instead use him where they can without trying to over-control the situation. Its nice to see such a brutal Hulk as he drags the robot he is fighting into Lava with him and then breaks out the men on the inside and brings them into the lava (I’m going to go out on a limb and say they probably didn’t survive that), these are tactics that may not be what SHIELD had in mind but I’m happy to watch them.

Superboy1Annual My next pick is Superboy Annual #1. Before this issue came out I had enjoyed watching the new relationship between Superman and Superboy begin to grow and had written about that, and as if answered by the comic-gods this issue came out the next week. The Supes’ are dragged into an alternate dimension used as a prison by one of the many toys in Superman’s fortress. Once they are both inside the go on a journey to find a way out and they find that working with each other isn’t so bad. These two characters are  not going to get along all of the time. They have very different pasts and it has shaped their attitudes into two very different heroes. Superman takes on the role of father, which makes sense, because he is the closest thing Superboy has to a father. Superboy is the angst filled teen and Superman is the knowledgeable father, these two types of characters often clash with one another until they are forced to work together. Then somehow they come out of the time they spent working together with this thing called a “relationship”. Although H’el is putting the Super males through some trials I think they will come out the other end stronger than before… the same cannot be said of how much Supergirl will be trusted.

Deadpool4 My last pick is Deadpool #4. Deadpool continues to hit on all marks with Posehn at the helm. There is not a more appropriate Deadpool problem then killing our old beloved presidents of the past (although some he gets to kill are a wee bit less beloved then others). I never knew a comic book could be so funny and I never imagined a world where I would enjoy watching Lincoln get punched in the face so much. This story feels so fresh (unlike the presidents) and original. The only thing missing is Deadpool’s internal dialogues which seem to be few and far between in the Marvel NOW universe. However they are currently being replaced by conversations with the ghost Ben Franklin, who is turning into one of the best characters in this book. While I don’t expect Franklin to stick around after this arc I certainly wouldn’t mind if he did.

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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