Picks of the Week 12/12/12

media monster

What I read this week:



Batman and Robin #15

Suicide Squad #15

Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

Avengers Assemble #10

Iron Man #4

Marvel Universe vs The Avengers #3

Dark Avengers #184

Now for the picks!

SupesMy first pick is Superboy #15. I’m a huge fan off all things super. Up until now I have found Superboy to be the book that is most lacking in the Super Universe. My problem with Superboy is that it never seems to have it’s own rhythm and is instead constantly forced to step into line with other books like Teen Titans. The same is true for this issue, the difference is that it’s part of the H’El on Earth storyline which I’m enjoying. This super spanning storyline is showing me exactly why I chose to read all of the super books, because when they come together to form a cohesive whole it creates for a very interesting read. This is the first issue that has head Superman and Superboy begin to understand each other. One thing that I am really enjoying about this story is how both Superboy’s and Supergirl’s naiveté are being played perfectly by H’el. The prejudice of Supergirl against Clones may just lead to a major problem for Earth. Superboy’s lack of knowledge of good and evil makes him an ally that Superman has to be vigilant around. The interaction between these characters as they get to know one another makes for some compelling comics. I look forward to seeing how H’el continues to force the interaction between the Supers.

B&RMy second pick is Batman and Robin #15. Death of the Family continues to be a great read. What really set this take on Joker apart from the rest of the stories for me was how much they play up that his face is detached. The first time Robin sees the Joker in this issue required a double take before my brain could process the creepy state of the Joker. The Joker’s hate for Batman’s sidekicks is in high gear this issue now that he has some time with Robin alone, and what better setting for a trap for a child then the Zoo. The Joker loves to watch people break their promises, and with Damien it doesn’t take much to make him willing to break his vow to his father. I’m not ready to say that I’m enjoying Death of the Family as much I liked Court of the Owls, but it is another great Batman universe spanning epic storyline.

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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