Picks of the Week 3/20/13

media monster First my reading list for this week:

Supergirl #18

Action Comics #18

Indestructible Hulk #5

The Avengers #8

New Avengers #4

Deadpool #6

Nova #2

Judge Dredd: Year One #1

Superior Spider-Man #6

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3

And now on to the picks!

My first pick of the week is Captain America #5portrait_incredibleThe world of Zola, Dimension Z, continues to be an unsafe place for Steve Rogers and his “son” Ian. This issue finds them doing battle with an army of Zola’s as they try and save their friends. Ian also confronts Zola about being his son, and trough out this issue there are a lot of family dynamics at play. Ian’s sister wants revenge on Captain America because she thinks he killed Ian years ago, now that she finds Ian is alive and I think this could lead to her working with Captain America instead of against him eventually. That remains to be seen, what is obvious now is how exciting this book is, watching Rogers taken completly out of his element makes for great art and writing. Amidst this enormous battle with Zola’s army Steve Rogers is forced to also do battle with a virus that is trying to take over his mind and push out his consciousness. The way that Captain America chooses to deal with this problem is tailor-made for comic books. Captain America is absolutely being put through hell, and Remender is making it a great ride for the reader.

Avengers_8-674x10242-300x455My second pick of the week is The Avengers #8. This is the first issue of the Avengers during Marvel NOW that has really caught my attention. This issue balances the characters in a way that I like, with Hulk getting a lot of time and Ironman getting less then his normal half a book. So really I’m just happy when my avengers books have less Ironman in them. In this issue we see the birth of a Super powered individual named Kevin who will bring about the White Event that has been getting teased since the beginning of this arc. It’s great to watch someone discover new powers within themselves and how the react, deciding to hurt others or help others. On the less interesting side of this issue they continue to build on Captain Universe. I didn’t much care for her origin story issue but it feels like they are building to something big with this character so I will keep paying attention to it. The end of this issue also goes back to Ex Nhilo on Mars. It looks like all of the events that have happened so far in the Avengers are starting to come together for the White Event. Now all we have to do is wait and watch to find out exactly  what the White Event is. I hope that The Avengers continues to have my attention going forward instead of losing it as it has done before.

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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