Podcast #13: FANT2STIC

Nick and Andrew discuss the trailer for the ‘Fantastic Four’ or… ‘FANT4STIC’ as Fox is calling it. Talk shifts to Disney’s plans for the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise, whether or not they include Chris Pratt.  And how can they not visit topics relating to other superhero films like ‘Justice League Dark’ and the future of Matt Ryan as John Constantine?

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The 1st Trailer For Fox’s Fantastic Four’ Isn’t FANT4STIC, But It Is Intriguing

Of all the Blockbusters this year, the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot has long been deemed a disaster, from other geeky blog sites not liking the casting choices, to an apparent temper-tantrum by director Josh Trank, and finally a complete lack of photos or footage…

Until today.

Why in the world is Fox's calling it 'FANT4ASTIC?' Did they learn nothing from 'TAK3N?'
Why in the world is Fox’s calling it ‘FANT4STIC?’ Did they learn nothing from ‘TAK3N?’
Our best look at The Thing.
Our best look at The Thing.

Now we have a teaser-trailer and a poster; our first look at the film what-so-ever. And, though we have yet to see anything fantastic, the trailer’s images and tone are very interesting; very akin to the tone of Fox’s recent X-Men adventures ‘First Class’ and ‘Days of Future Past.’

Maybe a little creepier.

Ok, Definitely creepier!

It may not be ‘The Dark Knight,’ but this version of ‘Fantastic Four’ looks far darker than the overally-kid-friendly originals directed by Tim Story.

FANT4STIC Miles Teller as Reed Richards/Mr. FantasticI’m now cautiously optimistic the film may be good; I do like the almost terrifying images of the crew’s transformation including Miles Teller painfully stretching for the first time as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic to The Thing (Jamie Bell) breaking out of a mass of rocks.

FANT4STIC Exploration

This apparent similarity in tone between Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ and their ‘X-Men’ franchise is no mistake, Fox plans on crossing their two Marvel properties into a mini-Fox Cinematic Universe. There’s also a sequel in the works already…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Ok. So now the logo is a square? Because there are four sides? To distance new franchise from old?
Ok. So now the logo is a square? Because there are four sides? To distance new franchise from old?

‘The Fantastic Four’ (or ‘The FANT4STIC’) gets a much needed reboot on August 8th!

Chris Evans as The Human Torch
Chris Evans as The Human Torch

P.S. Let us not forget the original ‘Fantastic Four’s legacy: Chris Evans, who graduated from Johnny Storm/The Human Torch to Steve Rogers/Captain America.



X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE past is looking to be one of the better films in the X-MEN franchise. It takes the characters from my favorite X-MEN film, FIRST CLASS, and mashes them together with an apocalyptic future and… The Wolverine! Since FIRST CLASS and THE WOLVERINE are my favorite X-flicks (the rest really don’t do anything for me), it will be fun to have Logan interacting with the likes of young Erik aka Magneto (the incomparable Michael Fassbender).

X-Men Days of Future Past PosterIt is also nice to see Fox has decided to take specific storylines from the comics, like Wolverine’s trip to Japan previously, a trend that is begining to become the norm (CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER anyone?).

It’s still a shame these films are in Fox’s X-Men universe and not part of the official Marvel Studios’  “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU). How will we ever see an epic (and improved) version of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. The MCU has always felt strange without the mutants the superheroes share the world with in the comics.

But enough about rambling, check out the 2nd, even better than the 1st, trailer for Bryan Singers’ X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

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2014 Movies to Geek Over

Now that 2013 is behind us, with Khan, Iron Man, and the Long Ranger down for the count, it is time to look forward to the movies to come in 2014!

First, an incredibly spooky trailer for the licensed version of PACIFIC RIM… GODZILLA! (From the very same Legendary Pictures as PACIFIC RIM… and HANGOVER… and DARK KNIGHT).

Is this the Godzilla I deserved but did not get in 1998? It sure looks creepy and realistic as hell. How do we defeat a Kaiju without Jagers? Continue reading “2014 Movies to Geek Over”


Another great X-MEN trailer!

(And this time it isn’t Pete Holmes firing an ‘Ex-Men’.)

The one time Wolverine was allowed to say 'Fuck.'
The one time Wolverine was allowed to say ‘Fuck.’

Unfortunately, trailers for all the X-MEN movies have looked amazballs, but only X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has delivered. Which is odd, because Wolverine is the best of the X-Men, and he is literally in FIRST CLASS for a single line.

THE WOLVERINE was okay, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to FIRST CLASS.

Perhaps, combining the best X-Men cast, that of FIRST CLASS, with some extreme Wolverine action will be the perfect cocktail.

My favorite of the X-Men actors, Michael Fassbender as Magneto.
My favorite of the X-Men actors, Michael Fassbender as youthful Magneto.

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