Walter White (Bryan Cranston) Knows GODZILLA

Like the 1st GODZILLA Trailer?

Well, the second trailer confirms Bryan Cranston (Emmy winner from BREAKING BAD) is the star of the show…

Besides Godzilla!

This ain’t your 90’s GODZILLA. This shit is awesome.

Check out the Cranston-full trailer after the jump! Continue reading “Walter White (Bryan Cranston) Knows GODZILLA”

2014 Movies to Geek Over

Now that 2013 is behind us, with Khan, Iron Man, and the Long Ranger down for the count, it is time to look forward to the movies to come in 2014!

First, an incredibly spooky trailer for the licensed version of PACIFIC RIM… GODZILLA! (From the very same Legendary Pictures as PACIFIC RIM… and HANGOVER… and DARK KNIGHT).

Is this the Godzilla I deserved but did not get in 1998? It sure looks creepy and realistic as hell. How do we defeat a Kaiju without Jagers? Continue reading “2014 Movies to Geek Over”