I am a Cumberbitch… Now let’s do the Alan Rickman!

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Benedict Cumberbatch fan, a member of  a group of fans often referred to as Cumberbitches. I’m not gay (I like how every straight man has to clarify that, yet gay people never have to preface with ‘Now, I’m not straight…’), not that there is anything wrong with that. But I do have a big ole’ man crushes on Cumberbatch (and Ryan Gosling…).

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

SHERLOCK, TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS are all golden, due to, in a big part, Cumberbatch’s performances.


As I said in my last post, my favorite scene in INTO DARKNESS is Khan’s speech about his crew, as he sheds a legitimate tear. The darkness he brings to Sherlock Holmes is equally impressive, causing me to watch every episode (especially ‘The Great Game,’ ‘A Scandal In Belgravia,’ and ‘The Reichenbach Fall’) countless times… also resulting in countless tears (I get damn emotional about my movies and TV. It’s cathartic.).

Julian Assange
Julian Assange

I even want to see the next two chapters of THE HOBBIT, even though though the first one bored me to tears (again, I cry), just because Cumberbatch plays Smaug and the Necromancer. Likewise, I can’t wait to see THE FIFTH ESTATE, even though I don’t give a shit about wikileaks. The man is a chameleon, one of the few actors working today that disappears into the role.

Stay with me now; there’s an amazing video after the jump!

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Khan in Space JailI may be an obsessive geek (I am), but whenever I am down, lately (since it’s Bluray release) I watch my favorite scene from STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS. The characters stir up emotions I could only hope to feel.

The best scene of the summer (or year?) is the conversation between Captain Kirk and Khan in INTO DARKNESS.

I’ve watched it countless times this fall, whether drunk… or sober… really, whenever I need an escape.

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‘Waiting for GTA V’ or ‘Types of Line Geeks’

GTA VSeveral days ago, on Monday September 16th, I waited in line twice to pick up my pre-ordered copy of GRAND THEFT AUTO V from Gamestop. First, I had to stand in line to get my group number at 6pm. Then, I had to wait in line from 11:00pm to the 12:01am Tuesday release date of the game.

I’m not complaining, bitching, or moaning; I could have (and should have) just picked up the game Tuesday morning and avoided the crowds. After all, I did preorder the game months ago; there would be a copy there waiting for me in the morning.

Though I wish to avoid all lines these days; I’ve waited in my fair share that require arrival hours in advance, whether I am waiting for a hot game system or the latest blockbuster. Each and every time I have found myself in such a line, I come across the same five geek archetypes. Without fail. Continue reading “‘Waiting for GTA V’ or ‘Types of Line Geeks’”

YOU Are (most likely) a Geek!

There are many types of geeks. To be a geek is to be obsessed… with anything. You don’t have to be big into ‘geek culture’ like comics, video games, STAR TREK films, yada, yada, yada.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - More mainstream than your father's TREK, but still geeky as shit!
STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – More mainstream than your father’s TREK, but still geeky as shit!

This obsession… or extreme passion, fuels the geek. Are you obsessed over sports? Do you know baseball or football stats? You’re a sports geek, not a jock (unless you also play the sport on the reg). You are an even bigger geek if you participate in a fantasy leaf. Fantasy? That’s practically ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ geek.

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That Ain’t KHAN In the New INTO DARKNESS Trailer.

Fact: Khan was never one of Starfleet’s “Top Agents.” So Benedict Cumberbatch is like a Jason Bourne, 007, or just a badass navy seal? With a vendetta against Starfleet? Sweet.

More thoughts after jump!

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USS Enterprise Crashes To EarthLast night, sports geeks gathered around the TV, but the real feast was to be had for cinephiles like myself.

First, an extended look (or extensive look, depending who you ask) at IRON MAN 3, featuring more dialog from the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and a scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has some very important decisions to make. Click Here for that!

Check out the new STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS spot and learn how to see the film 2 days early after the jump!

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Star Trek Into Darkness TeaserWatch it now by clicking here!

Keep in mind, the previous trailer was the “Announcement.” This is the “Teaser.”

Confusing trailer titles don’t shroud the plot any extra, JJ.

Hit “Read More” to see my thoughts and read Pike’s latest speech to Kirk.

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New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Still Reveal Who Owns the Pair of Hands on the Glass SPOILERS


The following still was just released from STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS.

Kirk and Spock on the same side... with Cumberbatch on the other...
Kirk and Spock on the same side… with Cumberbatch on the other…

This still reveals that it is not Spock and Kirk pressing their hands against the glass as the did in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN.

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Benedict Cumberbaugh
Gary Mitchell? Is that you? Khan never had super powers…


I still think he’s Gary Mitchell


Especially with the cute short-haired blond, and the first officer threads worn by Kirk in STAR TREK (2009). He’s back to wreak havoc on all the puny mortals, for now, Mitchell is a God.

Kirk reacting to the return of an old college? Or the death of a friend (very little Bones in the trailer, which worries me).
Kirk reacting to the return of an old college? Or the death of a friend (very little Bones in the trailer, which worries me).

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Synopsis Totally Confirms Villain. Why so curious?

I want to start by apologizing if this subject has already been written to death. I’m not all-too-present on the internet these days, but light research suggests very few similar articles/blogs have the same confidence and evidence that Gary Mitchell is the villain in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

INTO DARKNESS Poster“When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction.

As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.”


People have suggested this synopsis confirms Gary Mitchell or Khan as the film’s villain, but I think the former is the only serious candidate.

GM as he appeared in TOS
GM as he appeared in TOS

Based on this synopsis, Benedict Cumberbatch (the actor playing the villain) has got to be Gary Mitchell! He’s from their own organization, the federation, and is a “one-man weapon of mass destruction” following his mutation at the edge of the galaxy. Khan matches neither characteristic (unless he is drastically changed… which is possible…).

Both possible villains do have a very personal score to settle.

In the comic series that  INTO DARKNESS writer/producer Orci is a consultant on (Orci promised the books would set up characters we would see in the film), Kirk did “kill” Gary Mitchell before he would become too powerful, as Spock feared. So what if Mitchell died in the comic? What if he was actually, already too powerful to kill?

Gary Mitchell as he appears in Orci's comic.
Gary Mitchell as he appears in Orci’s comic.

What if Mitchell returns to Earth, hailed as a first officer feared dead and given a promotion? Kirk, off “going where no man has ever gone before” can’t warn anyone as Mitchell is welcomed back, only to destroy the fleet with his even more evolved powers. The same powers Spock feared may manifest (like in TOS and the comic!).

As previously stated, Orci said the villain and other characters from the sequel would be introduced in the IDW ongoing STAR TREK comic. Gary Mitchell was the subject of issues #1 & #2, just as he was the center of the story in STAR TREK TOS’s second “1st” episode.

Nuff’ Said!

The only real doubt the synopsis suggests comes in its final line;

“…sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.”

I thought Kirk’s mother and (half?… step?) brother were still alive? She was simply “off planet” in the first film.

James T. Kirk and "brother."
James T. Kirk and “brother.”
James T. Kirks’ Pop (AND Thor!)

Will Kirk’s family play into the film, or am I simply reading into it too much?

After all, it could just be a sentimental reminder of the continuing “teamwork/family” theme of STAR TREK. And a reference to Kirk’s dad being dead in this timeline.


Kirk’s family could fall victim first to Mitchell, leaving the Captain only the “real” friends of the Enterprise bridge crew (after all, “real” friends don’t kill other friend’s families and colleges, Gary!).


This character could not be Gary Mitchell, and instead a different villain we’re all overlooking or have never heard of… perhaps a family member?

I suppose whatever is not revealed tomorrow in the trailer will be revealed in the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS prelude comic from IDW.

"Star Trek Countdown to Darkness" Issue #1
“Star Trek Countdown to Darkness” Issue #1