That Ain’t KHAN In the New INTO DARKNESS Trailer.

Fact: Khan was never one of Starfleet’s “Top Agents.” So Benedict Cumberbatch is like a Jason Bourne, 007, or just a badass navy seal? With a vendetta against Starfleet? Sweet.

More thoughts after jump!

*What is Kirk’s vendetta? Is his mentor/father Admiral Chris Pike killed in the attack of Star Fleet’s leaders shown in the trailer? Does Cumberbatch kill his flame, Alice Eve (seen in Bikini in trailer!)?

* Nice move, Cumberbatch, transporting from the ship you attack Kirk & Admirals with (you can see the light begin to rapidly surround him as he sneers at Kirk). Does that mean Benedict has an army and is not working alone? Or can he control transporters since he is “better at everything.”

*What did Starfleet do to piss off Cumberbatch? Not get involved in the civil war from the COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS comic miniseries? Something else?

* If he is one of Starfleet’s top agents, is he actually John Harrison? Abrams wasn’t lying, he just made an extra from the series a central character?

*What’s with the super strength. Why is he better at everything? Genetic engineering? Similar at least, to Khan?

*Just like WRATH OF KHAN, wait til movie #2 to crash Kirk’s pride and joy!

*Why is May 17th not here yet?

I will walk over your cold corpses, yo!

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