USS Enterprise Crashes To EarthLast night, sports geeks gathered around the TV, but the real feast was to be had for cinephiles like myself.

First, an extended look (or extensive look, depending who you ask) at IRON MAN 3, featuring more dialog from the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and a scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has some very important decisions to make. Click Here for that!

Check out the new STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS spot and learn how to see the film 2 days early after the jump!

Pine & CumberbatchNext up was a simple 30 second STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS trailer with still only clues to the identity of which villain Benedict Cumbrbatch plays.

Watch the  Big Game Ad by clicking here and selecting it!

Looks like the USS Enterprise will get destroyed in both STAR TREK 2s (INTO DARKNESS & WRATH OF KHAN). Does this bring us any closer to the conclusion that Cumberbatch plays Khan? Or Gary Mitchell? Or Robert April?

Not in the slightest!

If you download the aforementioned app, or go to Fandango or an IMAX AMC location, you can now buy tickets for an 8pm screening on May 15th, two days before the release of the film. I got my tickets for the Star Trek fan sneak peak!

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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