THE SEX ADDICT Trailer: What Doesn’t Kill You… Makes You Harder

Normally, we focus on the big picture here; the most mainstream of the mainstream. Yet, for every gigantic Marvel film and far less successful movies that still sport A-List movie stars, there are also thousands of films made for a fraction of the price by aspiring filmmakers. While most of these films will slip by, unknown, some will be the next Clerks. There are a lot of “kids” who think all they need to do is max out credit cards or use Daddy’s money to become the next Kevin Smith. And then there are the truly talented up and comers, who are making some pretty great independent films.The Sex Addict - Amir Mo, Valerie Tosi, Danielle Gross

It is incredibly important to keep your eyes open for the films you won’t see advertised all over the web, TV, etc. There are films out there that will be the next Evil DeadClerks, Paranormal Activity, etc. You just don’t know it yet. Even if no one you know has heard of it, you may find an independent gem that will become one of your favorite films.  Likewise, keeping your fingers on the “independent pulse” will make you aware of new talented writers, directors and actors that may make or star in your favorite TV Show or Blockbuster one day. Directors like Steven Spielberg and Christoper Nolan, as well as the actors crushing it in Marvel films may be our present, but independent films are indications of the film landscape in the not-so-distant future.

The Sex Addict is one such film I’m keeping my eye on for said reasons. Amir Mo strikes me as someone we will all someday know in the comedy scene, based on this hilarious trailer for a movie he wrote, directed, and stars in. With this film’s partially add-libbed, mockumentary style, I could see Mo becoming the next Christopher Guest or Larry David. One day you’ll see him in a sitcom, a comedy hit, or even as the next auteur behind a film in your favorite franchiseThe Sex Addict - Amir-Mo

Or you don’t need to dwell on the future of Amir Mo; his current film, The Sex Addict, just might be your next favorite comedy. If you don’t seek out films like this, you will miss out! So, when you see this film and love it, you’re welcome. When you eventually see Mo in the big leagues and think to yourself, “I’ve been enjoying his work before he was famous, I’m the best, this is awesome!” you’re also welcome.  If you must have celebrities, The Sex Addict features Horatio Sans (SNL), Bryan Callen (MadTV, Oz, The Hangover 1 & 2), and Ken Davitian (Borat), so what’s your excuse?  Open your eyes to similar films outside the mainstream, and check out the trailer for the hilarious independent film, The Sex Addict.

A sex-addicted man’s life starts to unravel when he becomes the subject of a school documentary by a bookish yet beautiful young PhD student. This comedy mockumentary examines the life of Rex, whose addiction to the many vices of sexual pleasure have left him at his witless end.

The Sex Addict stars Amir Mo, Valerie Tosi, Horatio Sans, Ken Davitian, Bryan Callen, Mary Carey, Caleb Thomas, Danielle Gross, and Timothy Huxtable. Check out the film’s official website, or stay tuned to Breaking Geek for updates on when and where you can see The Sex Addict!The Sex Addict Poster