Walter White (Bryan Cranston) Knows GODZILLA

Like the 1st GODZILLA Trailer?

Well, the second trailer confirms Bryan Cranston (Emmy winner from BREAKING BAD) is the star of the show…

Besides Godzilla!

This ain’t your 90’s GODZILLA. This shit is awesome.

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Breaking Batman: The Artwork

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Believe it or not, Breaking Geek is not named as such because I love BREAKING DAWN.

Rather, I am a huge BREAKING BAD fan, and had the world’s best drama on my mind when creating the site.

BREAKING BAD's original Walter and Jesse
BREAKING BAD’s original Walter and Jesse

Here at Breaking Geek, I have also discussed Batman on more than one occasion, from Breaking Batman Parts 1 & Part 2, to more recent articles like A BETTER CLASS OF CRIMINAL (including the “hit” blog covering 2012’s blockbuster cinema villains).

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