Breaking Batman: The Artwork

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Believe it or not, Breaking Geek is not named as such because I love BREAKING DAWN.

Rather, I am a huge BREAKING BAD fan, and had the world’s best drama on my mind when creating the site.

BREAKING BAD's original Walter and Jesse
BREAKING BAD’s original Walter and Jesse

Here at Breaking Geek, I have also discussed Batman on more than one occasion, from Breaking Batman Parts 1 & Part 2, to more recent articles like A BETTER CLASS OF CRIMINAL (including the “hit” blog covering 2012’s blockbuster cinema villains).

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Keep Calm And… Take The Bloody Shot!

Best SKYFALL Shirt Ever...
Best SKYFALL Shirt Ever…

Let’s face it, I loved SKYFALL, you loved SKYFALL, we all loved SKYFALL. It is everyone’s favorite 007 movie. EVERYONES! (Obviously, I am exaggerating… a lot).

Well, it was my favorite, so when I saw this shirt on from, my heart nearly stopped.

'Take the bloody shot!"
‘Take the bloody shot!”

But, like Bond, I survived the bloody… er… shock, in this time, so I was stocked to order it!

But the sale was over. TeeSpring is like Kickstarter in that a goal must be reached, in this case in 7 days, and once those 7 have passed, no dice (or in this case no shirt).

I sent a request over to and he reopened the sale, this time in sexy Navy blue. Navy, as in “Royal Navy Commander Bond” (his official cover/title).

Don’t miss your chance! Click and make sure your favorite SKYFALL fan has one under the tree this Christmas.

Christmas Comes Early...
Christmas Comes Early…

After all, to quote Bond himself:

“I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”


For Thor’s sake, geek, at least buy one so the campaign gets to 50 and I get mine!

Gorgeous Comic Character Digital Art By Chameleon29

My personal favorite.
My personal favorite.

“chameleon29” has some awesome artwork on deviantArt of favorite heroes and villains from both DC and Marvel comics. Some are even available as prints (and/or magnets and mugs)!

Too bad I have no money…. Damn you, comic addiction!

My personal favorite it Batman, not to say the rest aren’t great. I simply love the interpretation with the extra sharp ridges and lines of the mask, especially around Batman’s eyes.

spiderman_by_chameleon29-d57xk6s Iron Man print by chameleon29I do apologize for the deviantArt watermark, but I thought these pieces were so damn cool I’d share them with my fellow geeks anyway. The art may be fairly familiar in pose (especially Iron Man), but the style really grabs me, you know?

(Gross, not in that way! Get your mind out of the gutter, buddy!)

Bane print by chameleon29-d5noroh

All appear to be the “movie versions” of their character. Bane is obvious, though Spider-Man and Iron Man also sport masks closer to their big-screen design. In Spidey’s case, I think we’re looking at the original Sam Raimi version played by Tobey Maguire.

Check out the two purely comic inspired characters by clicking READ MORE below.

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