Breaking Batman: The Artwork

Image found at
Image found on Reddit

Believe it or not, Breaking Geek is not named as such because I love BREAKING DAWN.

Rather, I am a huge BREAKING BAD fan, and had the world’s best drama on my mind when creating the site.

BREAKING BAD's original Walter and Jesse
BREAKING BAD’s original Walter and Jesse

Here at Breaking Geek, I have also discussed Batman on more than one occasion, from Breaking Batman Parts 1 & Part 2, to more recent articles like A BETTER CLASS OF CRIMINAL (including the “hit” blog covering 2012’s blockbuster cinema villains).

So, it is with great joy I share an image I found on Reddit,  shared by Obduj. Bringing together two of this geek’s great passions…


Batman by Tim Sale - Long Halloweenand Batman…

A final note: don’t worry dear followers, as much new content is on the way akin to popular reads like “Better Class of Criminal – 2012’s Terrible 3, Featuring Silva and Bane” and “More Reasons Why STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS… NOT KHAN!!!!!

I’ve even recruited more 100% geek authors (hopefully…)!

Just let us survive Christmas, then…




P.S. – I also just found this on Reddit!Breaking Bat
Again, very fitting.

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