Keep Calm And… Take The Bloody Shot!

Best SKYFALL Shirt Ever...
Best SKYFALL Shirt Ever…

Let’s face it, I loved SKYFALL, you loved SKYFALL, we all loved SKYFALL. It is everyone’s favorite 007 movie. EVERYONES! (Obviously, I am exaggerating… a lot).

Well, it was my favorite, so when I saw this shirt on from, my heart nearly stopped.

'Take the bloody shot!"
‘Take the bloody shot!”

But, like Bond, I survived the bloody… er… shock, in this time, so I was stocked to order it!

But the sale was over. TeeSpring is like Kickstarter in that a goal must be reached, in this case in 7 days, and once those 7 have passed, no dice (or in this case no shirt).

I sent a request over to and he reopened the sale, this time in sexy Navy blue. Navy, as in “Royal Navy Commander Bond” (his official cover/title).

Don’t miss your chance! Click and make sure your favorite SKYFALL fan has one under the tree this Christmas.

Christmas Comes Early...
Christmas Comes Early…

After all, to quote Bond himself:

“I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”


For Thor’s sake, geek, at least buy one so the campaign gets to 50 and I get mine!

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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