Community Season 4 – The Hunger Deans!

Alison Brie as Captain America (found via Screen Rant)

With the release of the Season Four trailer (below) and only 24 days until October 19th, I wanted to write  a short article about the show and upcoming season before the internet is flooded with reactions.

SIMILARLY (I capitalized my first word because I am classy) to the introduction of my previous article, I would like to being by saying, Community is one of my favourite shows on television, and undeniably brilliant. Really. I mean it. Undeniably. If you are reading this and even the slightest word of protest is hanging on your lips, you need to reexamine your entire existence…. But, back to my point, Community provides absolute hilarity and genius in every episode. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of watching, which is extraordinarily rare in a TV show of any sort (especially Doctor Who). As my rant has assuredly made extremely clear, I am jittery with excitement for this new season.

Having thoroughly expressed my “fan-boy” shenanigans, I do want to make it clear that I am worried and mournful of Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase’s departures. I am aware this is old news, and that both had large assholeish tendencies (especially towards each other), and I am also sure that the former will be largely discussed in post-premire reviews. Regardless of NBC’s criticism, Harmon certainly put a great deal of heart into Community; however, I, unlike many, feel his departure has not doomed the show. If you have ever watched the bloopers, listened to panel discussions, or read interviews on Community, you know that the brilliant cast and writers of the show make up a whole lot of heart, too. Many brilliant moments are ad-libbed, written by people who are not Dan Harmon, or given beautiful life through their spectacular delivery. From a conceptual standpoint, the show is retaining most of its key writers and producers, and seems to be heading off to a great start (note the Hunger Deans trailer below). Donald Glover used to write for 30 Rock, Jim Rash won a fucking Academy Award for Screenwriting, and veteran Chevy Chase is only missing from two episodes. I have a feeling the show is going to do just fine.

I see Community as the boulder in the Indiana Jones model. It is going to keep rolling, bringing joy and happiness to the world (particularly people as cool as Abed). I only hope the boulder does not roll off, shooting me in the leg, and causing everything I love to catch ablaze. If that is the case, this must surely be the darkest timeline.

5 thoughts on “Community Season 4 – The Hunger Deans!

    1. Hooray an article I can really get behind. I’m just geeky enough to like Community, Community geeky? I don’t know, you might have to write an article proving how Community qualifies as geeky. By the way there are at least two typos in this….your welcome.


      1. I believe I corrected the typos. Also, I do believe I could write a short article on what qualifies Community as geeky. I have a few other ideas to flesh out first, though.


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