The 5 Best Geeks In Film & TV

I’ve proven, without a doubt, Geek and Nerd can be used interchangeably. Now I am free to move with my list of The 5 Most Accurate Geeks in Film and Television! Any Hollywood Writer and Studio Exec can create Geek characters for the masses to enjoy, but those of us who are truly Geeks will notice the difference between characters that feel authentic and those who are simply insulting stereotypes. (Clue: all the characters on the following list were created by Geeks… for Geeks).

The intention of this post is to celebrate the authentic fictional geeks, so rather than list a all the bad stereotypes, I’d just like to point to just one TV Show with poorly crafted Geeks. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most watched comedies on Television, but because of this, it delivers watered down Nerds without any truth behind them. These “Geeks” may be almost impossibly smart, love science, go to the comic shop, and talk in what sounds like so “Gibberish,” but they’re simple stereotypes meant to deliver giant numbers for America’s most watched Network, in a show produced by NOT uber-Geek, Chuck Lorre. They’re just fit the preconceived of what regular folk think Geeks are like.

With all sorts of movies and TV shows centering around geeks, aimed at smaller, more specific audiences in the age of a thousand cable and internet channels to watch, we’re getting more characters every year that feel authentic, even to the Nerdiest of Geeks.

Here are the Top 5 “spot-on” Geeks!

5) Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg), Spacedtim-bisely-spaced-simon-peggTim Bisley is the Geek on this list most likely survive in normal society and least likely to stick out like a sore thumb. Spaced was co-created in 1999 by Simon Pegg, who also played one of the two most central protagonists: Tim Bisley. This character was created at the beginning of Geekdom’s rise to mainstream; the year Star Wars returned and two years before Spider-Man became the first Comic Book Movie to set Box Office records in over a decade.

Today, Tim would be your most basic form of mainstream Geek; he wants to be an illustrator, smokes weed and gets philosophical about Star Wars, wears T-Shirts with geeky references, loves Zombies, worked at a Comic Book Shop, and had a very special theory about Star Trek:

…Sure as day follows night, sure as eggs is eggs, sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit.

17 years later, Tim still feels very authentic to my own personal experiences in 2016.

4) Bodie (Jason Lee), Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackJason Lee As Brodie Jay And Silent Bob Strike BackCreated by the King of the Geeks, Kevin Smith, Brodie (not the only lead in Mallrats named after a Jaws character) is based off Smith’s friend Walter Flanagan, with whom Smith would search for Comics all across New Jersey.

Brodie, like Tim, isn’t so socially awkward that he can’t act mostly normal in public. Instead, his Geekiest qualities come from his interests and devotion to them. Tell me you haven’t seen a larger comic book collection (on screen or otherwise) as his Mother’s basement full of long boxes. Between the events of Mallrats and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Brodie even opened his own comic shop! Putting Sega Genesis over his girlfriend, spending his free time in Malls and Flea Markets, discussing superhero antimony with Stan Lee, Brodie is a geek that comes from a very real place. He’s just attractive and outgoing enough to have a girlfriend that is out of his league. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a geek!

3) Abed (Danny Pudi), Community5-best-geeks-abed-danny-pudi-communityThese last 3 “Top Geeks” on my list are socially awkward to a point of not being able to fit in, but that does not make them stereotypes.

Abed from Community is a film geek to the most extreme degree. Who’s to say if it’s his Autism or simple movie obsession and lack of caring what his “normal” peers think of him that make Abed so “weird?” I relate to Abed more than any other character on this list. He soaks up movie knowledge and quotes it faster than a Kevin Smith character while also digging deeper into its philosophy than Tim. The only time Abed seems normal is when he’s pretending to be someone else (like Han Solo), something I think a lot of fellow Geeks can liken to acting not being yourself in public.

Abed isn’t just into stereotypical Geek Culture like Inspector Spacetime (a play on Dr. Who), he also loves Cougar Town!  And he doesn’t fall under the archetype as super-smart Nerd; his intelligence lies in pop culture subjects like determining who’s the boss on Who’s The Boss?

2 & 1) Moss (Chris O’Dowd) & Roy (Richard Ayodade), The IT Crowd5-best-geeks-moss-and-roy-it-crowdThe last two come as a pair! Moss, Roy, and the TV show on which they appear, like all the good Geeks & media on this list, are not only created by Geeks, they are tailor made for this smaller “society,” not the millions watching CBS. Their content is better enjoyed if you are familiar with what the references and understand some of their struggles. In The IT Crowd we see the dynamic of a “bromance” between two Geeks that is just as threatening to their social status as their other characteristics. I have a friend with whom I discuss comics so in depth that anyone trying to follow is at a loss; that’s Moss and Roy in a nutshell. Two incredibly “weird” heteosexual life-partners.

Both work in the IT Department, making them the two smartest nerds on this list, in a very Geeky area of expertise. Roy is closer to Tim or Brodie than Abed. Though he is a little stranger than Tim or Brodie, he can still manage the attractive girlfriend… until they learn too much about him. Similar to Abed, Roy has an inability to understand social situations, but instead of complete awkwardness this makes him seem uncaring and vain. That’s another type of Geek I’m familiar with and can relate to! And, of course,he has a new reference on his T-Shirt every episode.

Moss is more of the poindexter of the group, smarter than Roy with computers and the like, but just as socially inept as Abed. Moss is the only one on the list without a T-Shirt, preferring the classic Nerd-style of a button-up shirt and tie with giant black glasses and an Egon-esque haircut. Like Abed, he’s the extreme case of being so “out of it” that he lives in his own Geektacular World, and will likely never fit in and have a “normal” life. He’s hopelessly Moss.5-best-geeks-moss-it-crowdThe entertainment world is not limited to these 5 accurate portrayals of Geeks. These days, there are authentic Geeks anywhere you look… except CBS.

Podcast #21: Keanstantine!

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The dynamic duo cover this week in Geek news, from further Mallrats 2 casting news to the first trailer for 007’s latest adventure, SPECTRE. Our heroes also tackle The Unbreakable Kimmy  Schmidt before, you guessed it, jumping into further Avengers: Age of Ultron talk.

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Rumors may be the theme of the week…

MALLRATS 2 – The 6 Characters Confirmed to Return

Mallrats is my favorite Kevin Smith movie. Though I was a die-hard Kevin Smith (who was in a Die Hard film) fan in college, the honeymoon phase ended around the time of Red State, when Smith finally became the Pot Head foreshadowed by his classic role as Silent Bob. Around the time of  Tusk, I returned to Smith like an Ex desperately wanting to get back together. I’ve been especially excited after the announcement of Clerks III, if for nothing else, than the return of Jay and Silent Bob.Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks

In fact, I think you can chart my Kevin Smith fandom using Jay and Silent Bob. Smith’s movies just haven’t been the same since Smith left the “View Askewniverse” behind (except for Zack and Miri Make A Porno, which was pretty great), and I’m glad he’s returning to Mallrats in addition to Clerks.

It’s time to get the gang back together. And not just Jay and Silent Bob.

In addition to Smith’s two famous universe connecting heroes, four other cast members from the original 1995 film are confirmed for Mallrats 2. And they may not be who you think…

That's Steve Dave and Fanboy on the right, from Dogma, played by Brian Johnson and Walter Flanagan of 'Tell 'Em Steve Dave' and 'Comic Book Men' fame.
That’s Steve Dave and Fanboy on the right, from Dogma, played by Brian Johnson and Walter Flanagan of ‘Tell ‘Em Steve Dave’ and ‘Comic Book Men’ fame.

Just don’t expect Brodie’s cousin Walt to show up… though Steve Dave and Fanboy will hopefully return! (Please, Kevin Smith! Pwetty Pwease!)

Fun Fact: Brodie is based on Walt Flanagan, a friend of Smith’s who has appeared in Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob, a host of my favorite Podcast TESD (Tell ‘Em Steve Dave), and star of AMC’s Comic Book Men. Walt being a comic enthusiast who carried a tiny cup of Pepsi whilst shopping for deals at the mall and the flea market. Hence, Brodie’s stories about his “cousin Walt.”

Now let’s get off to the races!

Jason Mewes as Jay.Jason Mewes as Jay in Mallrats

‘Nuff Said.


Kevin Smith as Silent Bob.Kevin Smith as Silent Bob in Mallrats

Fly, Fatass, fly!


Jason Lee as Brodie!Jason Lee as Brodie in Mallrats

Though he wasn’t the main lead, per say, Jason Lee’s Brodie is by far my favorite View Askew character and seems the most essential actor/character for a sequel to Mallrats. We’ve already seen him once since Mallrats, in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (my 2nd fav Kevin Smith film), when Jay and Silent Bob run into Brodie at Brodie’s Secret Stash (a play on Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, Smith’s actual comic book store where Comic Book Men is shot).

And just like his past two appearances, Jason Lee’s announcement tweet about returning to the world of Mallrats still invites you to enjoy a delicious chocolate covered pretzel!Jason Lee returns as Brodie in Mallrats 2 Chocolate Covered Preztle


Shannen Doherty as Rene.Mallrats Rene Poster

Because, really, what would Brodie be up to without Rene?


Michael Rooker as Jared Svenning!Mallrats Stink Palm Brody Jason Lee

Rooker is hotter than ever between The Walking Dead and his turn as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet he still has time to return for the sequel to what may have been the biggest flop of his career. Yet, that whole Stink Palm scene has given him legendary status before he ever fought Zombies or Ronan.

The only question here is, how does he play in to the movie, IF Claire Forlani doesn’t return as his daughter Brandi? He is simply Brodie’s nemesis now?

Claire Forlani as Brandi in MallratsBrandi may return, but no announcement has been made yet. Really, I don’t think she or Jeremy London’s TS Quint are crucial to the sequel. For me, Mallrats is all about Brodie.


Stan “The Man” Lee.Stan Lee in Mallrats as Stan lee

That’s right, just like a Marvel film, you can’t make a Mallrats movie without Stan Lee, perhaps the wisest person in the View Askewniverse besides Silent Bob. Like his Marvel appearances, Stan Lee will surely just have a small cameo, though he has done a lot of acting (a line at a time) in dozens of Marvel movies since 1995.

Here’s the pic Smith released to announce the cast, sans Jason Lee. (The earlier picture was Jason Lee’s announcement).Mallrats 2 Photo Announcement

So those are the 6 confirmed returning characters: Brodie, Rene, Mr. Svenning, Stan Lee, Jay and Silent Bob.

Now is it too late to add Shannon, the clerk from Fashionable Male? You know, one of Ben Affleck’s first roles? Is Batfelck too busy with the DC universe or can he at least stop by for a cameo?Ben Affleck as Shannon in Mallrats

Kevin Smith shoots Mallrats 2 later this year. And I can’t wait to catch up with Brodie!

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From ‘Agent 47: Hitman’ trailer talk to ID4Ever (‘Independence Day 2’), Nick and Andrew cover all the week’s hot shit, including the announcement of ‘Mallrats 2’ and ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ becoming ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ with a new trailer and poster!

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