‘Community’ Meets ‘Age of Ultron’ In the Season 6 Trailer

Six seasons and a movie!

Abed predicted it... but he was talking about NBC's super-dead 'The Cape.'
Abed predicted it… but he was talking about NBC’s super-dead ‘The Cape.’

Well, at least we made it to six seasons of ‘Community’ with Yahoo! (of all places) saving the show after NBC cut the cord. (Here’s hoping something similar happens to ‘Constantine.’ You need a DC/Horror show, Yahoo!?).

Sure, we’re down half the original cast from the glad-he’s-gone Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) to the oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-the-show-still-works without Troy Barnes (Donald Glover). And then the ‘meh’ Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown).

"Troy and Abed in the..." will never be the same (or possible) without Donald Glover. #DonaldGlover4Spider-Man.
“Troy and Abed in the…” will never be the same (or possible) without Donald Glover. #DonaldGlover4Spider-Man.

But, have no fear, creator Dan Harmon is here (after being booted from the show in the abysmal 4th season due to conflicts between him and apparently-he’s-a-true-dick-in-person Chevy Chase). The episodes previewed here seem to capture that ‘Community’ magic of classic episodes like the 1st Paintball ep, the conspiracy theory ep, the Halloween zombie ep, and Meow-Meow beans.

And though we also lost recent addition¬†Professor Buzz Hickey (Jonathan Banks), better known as Mike Ehrmantraut on ‘Breaking Bad,’ again, the show must go on.

We'll miss you too, Mike. I mean Jonathan Banks.
We’ll miss you too, Mike. I mean Jonathan Banks.

Still, it looks like additions Paget Brewster (from one of my favorite prematurely cancelled shows, ‘Andy Richter Controls the Universe’) and, even better, Ernie Hudson (‘Ghostbusters,’ duh) will bring much needed, entertaining new blood to make up for all the characters ‘Community’ has lost over the years.

Long story short, watch the trailer for Season Six of ‘Community,’ which is just as wacky as ever. It may have borrowed a few ideas from the various ‘Age of Ultron’ trailers.

[EDIT]: Apparenly Yahoo! is a bitch, so even though I embeded the video, you still need to click their link to view it. On the plus side… it is full screen! Wow.


If one thing is evident in that trailer, it’s that if the rest of the show falls short, Jim Rash will still deliver the laughs as Dean Pelton.

It’s okay, ‘Community’ fans. Don’t be afraid of a little Chang-e.

Season 6 premiers on Yahoo! Screen (whatever that is, hope it’s free) on March 17th.

That’s 10 days!

‘Better Call Saul’ Trailer & New Clip

I consider ‘Breaking Bad’ the best American drama ever to grace my television screen.

Where do you think I got the name for my website? (I proved my point, thank you very much.)

Better Call Saul!‘Better Call Saul’ follows Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), the infamous lawyer who set events in motion by hooking up Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) with Gus Fring. He of course remained their lawyer til the end of the series, getting drawn farther into the criminal underworld than Saul could handle.

‘Better Call Saul’ follows a young, innocent, Jimmy, before he has found his alter-ego-doucehbag-TV-lawyer identity of Saul Goodman.Better Call Saul Image 1

Check out the amazing trailers first (the 2nd is the better of the two), but then we have a clip with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and young Jimmy meeting each other for the first time.

Not a bad start. Now watch the more recent, better trailer with completely alternate footage.
Now, without further ado, the “meet cute” scene in the budding relationship between lawyer-wanna-be Jimmy “Not-Yet-Saul” and the most dangerous grandpa in the world, Mike¬†Ehrmantraut.
You gone and fucked with the wrong old-geezer, Saul. Bad move.

Mike Meets Saul Goodman

‘Better Call Saul’ premieres February 8th on AMC.Better Call Saul Poster