The New Superbowl ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Shows You Everything!

Wow. If the first trailer was subtle, then the 2nd ‘Jurassic World’ trailer promises you there’s loads of CGI dinosaur mayhem… and not just the brand-new “probably not a good idea” hybrid, Indominus Rex.

The cold stare of Indominus Rex

The cold stare of Indominus Rex

Speaking of Indominus Rex, we do see a lot of him. Pretty Bad-Ass, but again, no subtly or true surprise.

Yeah, this won’t be slow boil delightful like ‘Jurassic Park.’ This is more in-your-face-action involving helicopters, starving pterodactyls, and trained Velociraptor romp across Isla Nublar.Jurassic World Ptreodactyls Trailer 2

I’m still on board! In fact, I quite liked it.

I’m sure we will discuss it more later….

Enjoy for now.Chris Pratt Training Raptors Jurassic World Trailer 2

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