‘The Blacklist’ Returns In Style With This Incredible Feature-Quality Trailer For The Arrival of Luther Braxton (Ron Pearlman)

Behind ‘Constantine’ (which you NEED to start watching before it is too late), ‘Blacklist’ is my favorite American drama currently airing new episodes. Because ‘Breaking Bad’ is over. 😦

Ron Pearlman as Luther BraxtonIn preparation for its triumphant return for the 2nd part of the second season, NBC has dropped a full-throttle, full-length trailer similar to what you would see for a feature film. And it plays like a trailer for a fantastic action-movie/thriller, even though it’s a trailer for a two-episode plot involving Red’s (James Spader) worst nightmare: the escape of Luther Braxton (Ron Pearlman).

The episode ‘Luther Braxton’ looks great, with Ron Pearlman joining the show as what looks like the ‘Blacklists’s most terrifying criminal yet.The Blacklist 'Luther Braxton'

Watch the trailer now, and check out the episode ‘Luther Braxton’ after the Superbowl on NBC.

(Though Unlike ‘Constantine,’ ‘Blacklist’ doesn’t really need your eyeballs. It has strong ratings.)

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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