What I Want to See – Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2

The new, unexplained, TARDIS interior.

With the long-ago leaked information of Neil Gaiman’s Cybermen episode, the new TARDIS interior, some confirmed and unconfirmed episode names, and the questions left by the Christmas Special, there is not better time to talk about what I want out of the second-half of this series.

First, let me say that ever since my introduction to the show in April of 2011, it has continued to be my favourite television show. The show incapsulates such a large range of thematic elements and hidden commentary, wrapped within generally clever writing and vision. However, to me, Series Six moved away from the brilliance of the show, and was often ridiculous fan-babble dribbling out of Moffat’s deranged mind. Now, there were certainly brilliant bits: the opening two-parter was good, Gaiman’s “The Doctor’s Wife” was superb, and the “The Girl Who Waited” through “Closing Time” certainly seemed like the Who I wanted. The rest, with the flesh, Hitler, time babies, solar flares, and the ridiculous and awful “question” upset me.

Further, I truly did enjoy the Christmas Special. The interconnectivity with Sherlock elicited the manliest of squeaks possible. I absolutely loved Jenna-Louise Coleman, and the character of Clara. Ian McKellen as the disembodied voice of villainous snow (The Great Intelligence) was brilliant, and it was wonderful to hear, “bow ties are cool,” once more. That being said, the special left me expecting more out of the latter half of Series Seven than before.

The anachronistic visit to King Henry VII by the Ponds and the Doctor.

Primarily, I am obviously expecting a boatload of answers. I am not looking for fixes for the plot holes in “Angels,” (I want to pretend it never happened) but rather the tangled web that Moffat has weaved. Clara’s ability to be in different times, and die in them, is a gimme. The resolution of the Silence, and the stupid fucking question go hand in hand, and are another obvious necessity. On a different note, I would like some sort of explanation or acknowledgment of the fact that the first half was set backwards. The mention of Rory’s phone at King Henry VIII’s before it happened and the strange sense the Doctor’s knows of the Ponds’ oncoming departure in “Asylum” remain unexplained.  After the issues I had with Series Six, I am worried, but hope that Moffat will not fail to answer the questions that he has provoked.

Second, I want me some Captain Jack. There were rumours of a Young Captain Jack on IMDb, and I would hope the adult version would pay a visit as well. Moffat intended to have Jack in “A Good Man Goes to War,” but hit scheduling conflicts with Miracle Day. Hopefully John Barrowman’s smaller role on Arrow does not prevent Captain Jack’s erection…erm, I mean, resurrection.

I simply want to see Neil Gaiman’s take on the Cybermen. I have no doubt in his ability to deliver, and should not even bother providing anything further, as I expect perfection. On the topic of classic Who villans, I would love to see a starring role of a returning baddie that is not the Weeping Angels. The Master is a bit too much to ask for this season, but I could see some Ice Warriors, the Rutans, Zygons, Draconians, or even more Daleks in our future.

As for things I do not want, if we actually learn the Doctor’s name, I think it would be extraordinarily detremental to the core of the

This could be so wonderful.

show. The Doctor depends on the air of anonymity, mystery, and the vagueness of the Doctor character. Further, unlike some fans, I would not like to see the final date between River and the Doctor quite yet. River Song’s character deserves some interaction with a third Doctor, and a chance to develop beyond the somewhat stunted version Moffat has hitherto created.

Going into this second half, the optimism and cynicism the Steven Moffat has prompted within me provide a rather neutral tone of expectation. However, a fresh companion and new potential might push me a bit toward the optimistic side. If the show continues the tone and quality of the Christmas Special, we will see some brilliant Doctor Who. I hope that at least some of what I have written about pops up. Now I just have to figure out how to make it to April without new Who.

Go ahead, Geek out! What Do YOU Think?

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