The Final Trailer #3 For STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Is Here!!!

Just watch it! Bask in it’s glory! As Han Solo says, the stories were true!

Wow! From the swelling musical themes of the original movies, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS does feel a lot like the original trilogy, but there are definite J.J. Star Trek inspirations from the visual tweak on Lightspeed to the game-changing look at X-Wing dogfights, and some aliens in between. It totally has a J.J. Abrams look. But that ain’t bad at all!

And questions are answered! Kylo Ren does in fact take fashion device from Darth Vader as he seems to be obsessed with him. Finn is instead a former Stormtrooper way out of his league, not simply wearing the suit as a disguise a la the OG Star Wars. There’s ALL the original cast, finally… except for Luke who remains simply a hand. Plus, Lightsabers work in the rain!Star Wars The Force Awakens Final Trailer #3 Rey Cries Over Dead Han Solo

And did we see Han Solo die in that that trailer? Look again, but I think it’s there around 1:45 mark! Is Rey crying over her father’s body?!?! (Through which I also surmise she is the spawn of Solo…).

Questions will be answered December 18th, 2015. Good luck getting tickets.

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