Chris Pratt Leads the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in this Fantastic Trailer!

I've been excited for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Marvel's riskiest movie since THOR... looks absolurlty perfect with the levity the source material needs. Never heard of Star Lord (Chris Pratt)? Or Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper)? Or Groot, the tree (Vin Diesel). Meet them all now, courtesty of John C. Reilly's Nova Corps commander (google Nova Corps; it's like the Green Lanterns of the Marvel Universe). Check out the awesome trailer after the jump!

Chris Pratt as Star Lord.

Chris Pratt as Star Lord.

Marvel has done it again!

Notice Benecio Del Toro has one quick shot in the trailer… as he keeps several “Infinity Gems”  for Thanos’ “Infinity Gauntlet” including the Either given to him at the end of THOR: THE DARK WORLD. I’m guessing Del Toro is the main baddie, as we slowly build towards AVENGERS 3 with Thanos!

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